Gneis Jackets 2018


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Gneis IZZY RECYCLE termojacka 2018
62 $
Gneis IZZY RECYCLE termojacka
The IZZY RECYCLE jacket is perfect as a warming interlayer under our outer jackets during the cold winter. Thin, comfortable and warm, it can be used in autumn and spring, instead of a fleece jacket or windproof sweater.
Gneis SPEED SHELL skaljacka 2018
112 $
Gneis SPEED SHELL skaljacka
Our very popular Speed winter jacket, now in a shell model. A very comfortable 2-layer all weather jacket with amazing comfort and function. A perfect shell jacket for spring and autumn. And it works as well during the winter with a warming interlaye...
Gneis ABISKO 3L skaljacka 2018
125 $
Gneis ABISKO 3L skaljacka
Abisko is a 3-layer shell jacket. Abisko has superb materials, technical qualities and smart features. It´s a technical and smooth shell jacket for all year round use with a great fit.
Gneis SPEED vinterjacka 2018
95 $
Gneis SPEED vinterjacka
Our high-quality winterjacket. Popular for its clean and stylish design combined with a perfect fit. Available in many bright colors in the sizes 104-164cl.
Gneis BORGA vinterjacka 2018
130 $
Gneis BORGA vinterjacka
Borga is a warm and comfortable winter jacket, now with an updated design. Perfect for both school and ski slope.