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Kari Traa Corked Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Corked Jacket
The Kari Traa Corked Jacket is an upbeat and feminine styled, 2-layer ski jacket with many useful features. The shell is made from a wind and water resistant polyester with Bionic Finish ECO and fully sealed seams. Inside, 60g of high loft synthetic ...
Kari Traa Twister Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Twister Jacket
Sporty styled with maximum comfort on the slopes – the Kari Traa Twister Jacket is a colorful and intelligently designed 2-layer ski jacket. Soft, 4-way stretch shell fabric with Bionic Finish Eco is highly resistant to wind and water. Lofty, 60g syn...
Kari Traa Tesdal Parka 2018
Kari Traa Tesdal Parka
Modern looking and made for chilly days in town, the Kari Traa Tesdal Parka is warm and weatherproof with its own personality. The outer shell is made from a soft and durable polyester that is wind and water resistant thanks to Bionic Finish ECO and ...
Kari Traa Toril Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Toril Jacket
The Kari Traa Toril Jacket is built for high performance and high energy activities in colder weather. The jacket features a construction with softshell material on the shoulder and arms for breathable water resistance. Lightweight high loft insulati...
Kari Traa Gjerde Parka 2018
Kari Traa Gjerde Parka
The Kari Traa Gjerde Parka is an extra warm jacket that brings a uniquely feminine look to cold fall and winter days. The soft textured shell is made from a wind and water resistant polyester with Bionic Finish ECO and fully sealed seams. For insulat...
Kari Traa Dalane Parka 2018
Kari Traa Dalane Parka
Stay dry, warm and looking fantastic. The Kari Traa Dalane Parka is a long 3 in 1 wind and waterproof jacket that you will love wearing on the wettest days. The 2-layer shell has plenty of pockets, an adjustable hood and a funky finish. The inner jac...
Kari Traa Tove Midlayer Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Tove Midlayer Jacket
The Kari Traa Tove Midlayer is a lightweight down jacket that boosts warmth and comfort under a shell or when worn alone. It is made from a lightweight down proof material that is filled with premium 80/20 duck down. For ventilation, slick face flee...
Kari Traa Tove Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Tove Jacket
The Kari Traa Tove Jacket is a slim and sporty jacket dedicated to outdoor training and running. It combines warmth and weather protection with high breathability. Wind and water resistant panels featuring Bionic Finish ECO are located on the upper s...
Kari Traa Sundve Parka 2018
Kari Traa Sundve Parka
Long, light and lean – the Kari Traa Sundve Parka is a perfect choice for staying comfy on cool days with a chance of rain. Made from a soft, 2-layer material that is resistant to both wind and water, the jacket provides maximum coverage with a fitte...
Kari Traa Tvilde Parka 2018
Kari Traa Tvilde Parka
The Kari Traa Tvilde Parka is designed to keep rainy weather out without loosing your sense of style. The 2-layer construction features Bionic Finish ECO and is wind and waterproof with critical seam sealing. Multiple large bellow pockets are conven...
Kari Traa Mathea Jacket 2018
Kari Traa Mathea Jacket
For training or heading to the gym during nasty, wet weather the Kari Traa Mathea Jacket is a fitted shell that keeps you dry and comfortable. The durable, yet soft and breathable outer material features Bionic Finish ECO for waterproof protection. A...