Gneis Pants 2018


4 pants

Gneis GIRON 3L skalbyxa 2018
100 $
Gneis GIRON 3L skalbyxa
A technical 3-layer shell pant for year-round use with smart functions and a very good fit.
Gneis GIZMO SHELL skalbyxa 2018
100 $
Gneis GIZMO SHELL skalbyxa
Gizmo Shell is a very strong yet comfortable all weather pant, made mostly of durable Cordura® 500. Fits well in school and in the ski slope with a warm layer underneath.
Gneis GIZMO SLIM vinterbyxa 2018
119 $
Gneis GIZMO SLIM vinterbyxa
A very appreciated model with a narrower fit for the slightly narrower children, but basically the same warm Gizmo pants with smart functions and a stylish design.
Gneis GIZMO vinterbyxa 2018
120 $
Gneis GIZMO vinterbyxa
A comfortable winter pant that is becoming a popular classic in our collection. Warm with smart features, a very good fit and stylish design.