ATK Ski Bindings 2018


9 ski bindings

ATK FreeRider 14 2.0 2018
ATK FreeRider 14 2.0
POWER. This was our dominant thought while designing FR14 | 2.0, a true ” powder weapon” to face the best as possible every condition of snow, even the extreme ones. Power given by extreme precision, full-metal shaving by C.N.C. ( aero alloys), and ...
ATK Haute Route 2.0 2018
ATK Haute Route 2.0
A simple and winning mix : the powerful RT 2.0 heel part has been combined with a classic racing toe part more lightweight and simple, meeting perfectly in the needs of any "uphill addicted" skier. Easy step-in, even with holder and worn b...
ATK RT 2.0 2018
ATK RT 2.0
After 6 years of successfull marketing, the RT binding gives birth to the RT 2.0, a fully adjustable ( 5-10 release values, 30 mm translation ), brake provided touring binding with the ashtonishing weight of 290 grams! The RT 2.0 offers a comfortable...
ATK SLR Release 2018
ATK SLR Release
The SLR RELEASE introduces a new binding concept: a race toe part integrates an adjustable heel part which provides a 5 to10 side release adjustment and 4 fixed values in the vertical release provided by the "U" spring (4, 6, 8,10)
ATK Trofeo 2018
ATK Trofeo
When it comes to races, it's not only a metter of extreme lightweight: many factors are involved in the skier's gear choice. TROFEO covers a new field of needs of racers, speed tourers, extreme skiers, thank's to its easy handling, sol...
ATK Raider 12 2018
ATK Raider 12
Simple, versatile, powerful, R12 2.0 is the perfect binding for the latest generation of skitourers. It combines several important innovations from the perspective of performance and comfort: extreme stiffness of the boot/ski connection, no torsional...
The SLR LOGIC introduces a new category of ultra-light bindings for speed touring. It is offered in 4 different versions: fixed (pre-set ) vertical and side relase value 4, 6, 8, 10 wich provides a safer binding keeping the weight as low as possible!
ATK Revolution 2018 2018
ATK Revolution 2018
A completely re-designed toe part for the 2018 release of the REVOLUTION binding, our WORLD CUP machine. The toe hooking geometry has been improved again with much stronger clamping energy, increased reactivity and ever more comfortable front lever!
ATK R.C.A. 2018
ALWAYS ON A NEW TRACK: we never stop challenging our engineers demanding for lighter and lighter bindings with the best performance possible: 90 GRAMS, extreme walking angle, easy handling, ROLLING-IN system for the heel part. The best binding for yo...