Lange XT Freetour (2018)

Brand: Lange

Manufacturers description
Flex: 80 - 130
Weight: 1700 gram
Sizes: 22-29,5

(Official information from Lange)

The same model but from other years
Lange XT Freetour (2017)

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The foot is perfect. Incredible power transmission. Good buckles.

the pants sneak in snow that either melts and bleeds down the feet. Or, freeze the water so you have ice cream in the pants.
Very thin inner shoe.
When you have constant wet feet you will not be freezing when it is relatively hot outside.
Once you have to take off your stomach-free and wet feet, it's an incredibly painful experience when the plastic is cut out so that it snaps into the ankle to your already sore foot.
The situation is rather sluggish.
the skull is soft so it easily becomes the marks and tears on the toy.
The outer dimension of the jacket is about 15 mm shorter than a corresponding boot of another brand, so there is a risk that you must move the ties on your old skis.

Cruel down. If you just go down hard then they are great. But they should be used both in lift, on hike and on tour. They do not seem to have a whole day. If you go on a multi-day trip, do not forget about the drying cabinet,