Audi 100 Avant Quattro (C3)

Brand: Audi

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Espen Steihaug
Espen Steihaug (Guest)
-Build quality
-Ride comfort
-Easy to drive
-Bulletproof 5 cyllinders whit the best sound ever
-Best of the Quattro systems
-Cheap to buy, run and own.

-Should have had the 200 front as standard

This is a car that came out when Audi had reliability as a first, and comfort at second.
I daily a 1984 1.8 C3 Sedan, never had any issiues whit 330 000km on the odometer.

Best cars ever!

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Above all, it is a four-wheel drive which guarantees safe accessibility. And if the accident is present, which rarely happens due to the four-wheel drive mentioned, it is usually relatively easy to get rid of the ass.
Audi's old 2.3 liter femma is an incredibly nice and durable engine that can be used for many miles. Access to spare parts is also relatively good, since the engine has been available from at least 1982 and up to around -95 in duration.
Another plus is that it's more fun to come with you when you want to mess, but only when you want!
Then, it's gorgeous too

The luggage is limited to a part of the sloping rear window, but is full enough. We have taken five people with weekly packing for skiing in the without probs, but a roof box is recommended.
Classical audio problems such as clogged soup pump, leaky water pump and winding brake discs are commonplace. However, the parts will get easy!

The ultimate winter car, he with a lot of fun with it over the three years I had it!

Largest + = 4x4
Biggest - = The baggage could be a bit more heavy (but hey; it's a combination at least)

Do not forget to decal trim!