Volvo Amazon 120 -65

Brand: Volvo

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A bell ..
Absolutely great car for a skier, but not for a bummer. (apart from comb, get crowded in the cupe if you want to sleep there.)
A skier has a fast car that you can drive for everyone else in traffic. Driving a car is like driving a ski. It's about driving tight and taking aggressive lines.
It goes out and sheds and, above all, in many degrees of minus. My is a sports cup and I live more or less the car. Motor is a B18 gone 13000 miles and is an eternity machine. 2000 miles a year and driving on the Norwegian roads alone. Should you take the car to the alps, you have to bend yourself on a car wash when traveling through southern Sweden. Imagine driving the car to 100,000mil so it will be a few years to go. Get a sturdy roof rack, it's all lung.
I bought my for 4000kr and it does not cost more than that.