Scott NEO (2008)

All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Scott

Manufacturers description

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
156 118/80/108 - 12.50
166 122/82/112 - 13.00
176 124/83/114 - 14.00
186 126/84/116 - 15.50
(Official information from Scott)

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2 reviews
Johan Ivarsson
Johan Ivarsson (Guest)
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A very good skiing for those who like to go on a regular piste and off-piste. I ride skis 2 weeks a year in trysil and have not been dissatisfied with it. I'm a fairly experienced skier, have been since I was 4 years and now in writing moment i am 15 years old! The skid I have is 166cm and I'm 180cm tall! The best thing is that it does not flutter because of a good tree core!

It's a bit too heavy ..

A good skiing suitable for the off-piste, I o brother compared his black crows and we found them to be very similar!

Length on the ski: 166 cm
Riders weight: 63 kg
Riders length: 180 cm

Darek (Guest)
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A very versatile and fun skiing. It is great to drive both long and short carving wings and the skid does not control the turning radius. That with Dual radius works! In looser snow (tested in 10-15 cm new snow), it works fine, just to go on. In wet snow / hump, it is surprisingly lightweight and works very well there too.
Nice !!! (of course a flavor)

The skis are not particularly stiff and flattering something if you get some G-forces in sharp turns on ice-skis. They have no really well-defined swing radius (if you want it now) and can be a bit unpredictable before learning how to handle them.

I have been on these skis Christmas week in Hundfjället-Tandådalen in very varied conditions, ice piste, snowmobile on the wall, and even bounced backs in plus degrees. A very versatile ski that is really fun to ride on. At first, it feels a bit soft (not particularly stiff o with undefined turning radius) but after a day on the hill it's a real buddy. Compared to the Rossignol Zenith Z9Ti Overzize, 170 cm, Neo is better on sneezing and snowy and equally lightweight even though they have a fatter waist. Neo flares more in the piste but still has the same grip.

Runs 2 weeks / year. Expert level at UCPA

Riding style: 75% pist, 25% cushions, puppy when opportunity is given.
Length on the ski: 176 cm
Riders weight: 80 kg
Riders length: 174 cm