Skilogik Rock Star (2012)

Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Skilogik

Manufacturers description
Weight: 3940 gram

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
178 142/117/141 3940 14.00
188 147/117/143 4200 14.00
(Official information from Skilogik)

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4 reviews
Kai Enger
Kai Enger (Guest)
Super all condition ski

None experienced so far

Perfect for skiing in Hemsedal

Riding style: Off piste/ piste/ ski touring
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 87 kg
Riders length: 177 cm

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Easy-to-operate, pivoting on a femur, soft but stable, surprisingly good in the pist with regard to the design !! Floating like a cork in pillows, a dream to go on ..

Weaknesses ?? Well ... odd pist is no basis for the RS, everything else fixes it.

Funny fun skiing, even for me as a relatively small and inexperienced girl!

Riding style: Powder-piste
Length on the ski: 178 cm
Riders weight: 60 kg
Riders length: 165 cm

22/02/2012 (Modified: 10/12/2012)
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Awesome edge grip which makes the skid very easy to carve
easy to maneuver


Went with me the newly purchased planks and went to Serre with UCPA last week.
There was a solstice of sun, manchester, ice or all kinds of windy snow and crowds if you left the piste. Not optimal for a first test.
The rock star is sick easy and nice to carve with.
Found small puddles of pillows between some trees and then you clearly notice how good the flow is and that the ski will probably be really fun on a good day. However, please wait patiently for this.

Riding style: Offpist if possible otherwise carving.
Length on the ski: 188 cm
Riders weight: 95 kg
Riders length: 183 cm

Nikolai Schirmer
Nikolai Schirmer (Guest)
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The skis are extremely stable with extreme edge grip in relation to its width and softness. At the same time it is playful and easy to swing. It also weighs surprisingly little. + custom design!

The fact that skiing is so soft makes it not quite as poppy as for example. Bent Chetlers.

I drove skiing every day in January 2012 in Jackson Hole. After a snowfall over New Year, it did not snow in two weeks, and the skipping danger led us to keep inbounds in what eventually became a very hard bumblebee. When I first got skiing, I was very skeptical of how it would work in such conditions because it was so soft. To my great surprise, it was incredibly stable, with the edge grip I had not experienced on many seasons with different skis with rocker / early rise (K2 Hellbents, Atomic Bent Chetler, Line EP pro, Rossignol S7). It was also no problem to land cliffs for hard-packed landings.

Those days it was really bad on the mountain, with ice and fog, I took them to the park. Of course, it is obvious that skiing is fat, but it behaves a good switch and spins and jibs easily. Only down here is that it is not as poppy as for example. Bent Chetler then it has no camber and you have to take some more on butters. But this one gets back on stability, a compromise I made happy.

When the bottomless powder finally came, I finally had to drive the ski so it should run. It floats like a dream, is responsive and easy-maneuvered but still stable in deep snow. Quick swings in trees are as easy as magnificent wings down the greater mountainsides. A good portion of the early rise in the tail makes switch landings in deep snow for an easier affair and it felt as jibby and fun as in the park itself on larger natural features. Skia gives you a solid platform to land bigger cliffs.

Whether you are looking for a BC ski and watching JJ's Bent, etcetera. now it's definitely worth checking out this one!

You can also design the topsheet yourself, so you have something to do in the fall before the snow is coming.

Riding style: Backcountry. The skis were fitted with a Mark Duke + 2cm from the recommended.