Prior Skis 2013


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Prior Husume 2013
575 $
Prior Husume
Since its first release three winters ago, the Husume has gathered a legion of supporters ranging from professional guides to adventurous weekend warriors globally. The key to the Husume’s popularity is that its design excels both as a touring/powder...
Prior Flute 2013
575 $
Prior Flute
Taking inspiration from the popular Husume, the Flute, is an incredibly versatile and fun off piste focused ski. The flex patterns and sizes have been adjusted to cater for female skiers who are looking for a high performance ski whose flex pattern a...
Prior Overlord 2013
575 $
Prior Overlord
The Overlord is Prior’s go to BIG mountain toy. Fat, strong, and playful, the Overlord’s shape offers incredible stability at speed while providing un-matched nimbleness through critical sections & deep snow For 2013 Prior has refined the tip ...
Prior Sister 2013
542 $
Prior Sister
The Sister is built for women who want a lightweight, do-it-all, high performance handcrafted freeride ski that will take their skiing and the fun factor to the next level. The Sister’s maple wood core provides a smooth, stable ride in the complete g...
Prior DB3 2013
542 $
Prior DB3
The DB3 is a new shape that makes soft snow riding easy and still performs all over the mountain! Its tip, tail shape and 15mm taper combined with ample sidecut result in a ski that turns on a dime, floats effortlessly through powder and soft snow ch...
Prior Harmony 2013
575 $
Prior Harmony
Big Mountain Powder fun for Gals! New for 2013, the Harmony ski takes its inspiration from the 2013 Overlord . Like its forerunner the Harmony stable, powerful powder ski that inspires supreme confidence in deep steep terrain. The flex patterns and s...
Prior O2 2013
542 $
Prior O2
The O2 is Prior’s true all mountain carve ski. With a waist width of 85mm and a turn radius of 17m-19m this ski provides the perfect balance between aggressive edge hold and smooth turn release to inspire confidence on the groomers at high speed alon...
Prior Original 2013
542 $
Prior Original
The Original ski’s mid-fat 88-98mm freeride chassis carves up the groomers and hardpack yet still floats in the powder. The Original has just the right amount of flex for pop and dampening for a chatter free ride. Big mountains or small, the Original...
Prior A-Star 2013
575 $
Prior A-Star
Big, fat, & floaty. The A-Star is brand spankin’ new for 2013 and is the widest ski Prior has released to date. At up to 125mm underfoot the A-Star is Prior’s quiver ski for the super deep. The hybrid rocker profile allows the skis to be extremel...