On3p Skis 2018


15 skis

On3p Kartel 108 2018
749 $
On3p Kartel 108
The Kartel 108 is the best all mountain ski for West Coast skiers looking for a playful yet powerful daily driver. Park, powder, crud, hardpack - this ski will do it all. An Elliptical Rocker profile, Elliptical Sidecut, and full length carbon fiber ...
On3p Magnus 2018
599 $
On3p Magnus
The Magnus is the standard for high-performance, rockered freestyle park skis. Developed in conjunction with Magnus Granér, it’s Elliptical Sidecut design excels skiing both forward and switch, while it’s round, playful Freestyle Flex makes butters a...
On3p Charlie Murphy 2018
449 $
On3p Charlie Murphy
Named after the famous cat of our founder, the Charlie Murphy represents ON3P’s second year in the junior ski market. Designed to be a true quiver of one, the Charlie Murphy borrows the Elliptical Rocker and Elliptical Sidecut from the Kartel series ...
On3p Billy Goat 2018
779 $
On3p Billy Goat
The Billy Goat is our go-to choice for stability, power, and maneuverability in soft and variable snow. Updated with Asymmetrical Tip Taper to boost smearability, combined with our best and most user-friendly RES sidecut to date, the Billy Goat is fo...
On3p Kartel 98 2018
699 $
On3p Kartel 98
The Kartel 98 returns as our tried and true option for mixing freestyle park performance into everything you can find under the lifts. Spins, butters, a bit of fresh snow or laying trenches down corduroy—this is your ride. An Elliptical Rocker Profil...
On3p Wrenegade 98 2018
729 $
On3p Wrenegade 98
The Wrenegade 98, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile and our Bi-Radius Sidecut design, is our most versatile directional daily driver. Our progressive rocker profile improves float in powder snow while the thinner waist ensures solid ...
On3p Cease & Desist 2018
849 $
On3p Cease & Desist
Updated and redesigned, meet our ultimate powder ski: the Cease & Desist. Our new Asymmetrical Tip Taper (ATT) shortens the ski’s outer effective edge, helping to decrease the surface area that grabs the ski as it rolls over. Offset Tip Shape (OT...
On3p Steeple 116 2018
829 $
On3p Steeple 116
Our newest offering, the Steeple 116 is a Billy Goat at heart, but with a backcountry makeover. Our Tour Layup and Skin Clip Tail make for a convenient trek uphill, while the RES sidecut and Asymmetrical Tip Taper we’ve borrowed from the Billy Goat e...
On3p Kartel 116 2018
779 $
On3p Kartel 116
The Kartel 116 brings years of freestyle powder ski design into a balanced package outfitted for the deepest of days. A Bi-radius Sidecut combined with the most aggressive tip and tail tapering of all Kartels improves tracking through variable and ju...
On3p Jessie 108 2018
729 $
On3p Jessie 108
Deep days are the domain of the Jessie 108. Everything we’ve learned about building powder skis has gone into this design, and it romps through the fluff with the best of them. The increased taper profile and Bi-radius Sidecut combine together for a ...
On3p Wrenegade 88 2018
699 $
On3p Wrenegade 88
The Wrenegade 88, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile and our Bi-Radius Sidecut design, brings stable and directional all mountain performance to the less snow fortunate. Not to be confused with a carver, the Wrenegade 88 is designed t...
On3p Wrenegade 108 2018
749 $
On3p Wrenegade 108
The Wrenegade 108, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile and Bi-Radius Sidecut, remains the big gun when groomers and speed are the name of the game. A stable and directional option for every condition on the hill, the 108 provides the b...
On3p Steeple 108 2018
799 $
On3p Steeple 108
The Steeple 108 maintains the surfy, catch-free ride it has become known for while offering greater versatility on the ride down. Thanks to an updated Reverse Elliptical Sidecut, it maintains better edge hold on hard snow traverses or when you must s...
On3p Jessie 88 2018
629 $
On3p Jessie 88
The Jessie 88 takes its cues from our best selling Kartel 98 and offers both park ski performance and all mountain agility. Our Elliptical Rocker and Elliptical Sidecut combine to allow natural planing and balanced turn initiation, while the taper pr...
On3p Jessie 98 2018
679 $
On3p Jessie 98
The Jessie 98 is an agile, poppy, and playful do-it-all quiver of one for the advanced to expert lady shredder. Our Elliptical Rocker and Elliptical Sidecut combine to allow natural planing and balanced turn initiation, while the smooth taper profile...