Best Ski Products 2020 – ISPO preview

The 8 best new ski products of 2020, from the worlds biggest sports fair at ISPO München. After four days among all the new cool stuff from the 2943 exhibitors we picked out our 8 favourites.


Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 (2020)

Marker has updated their hybrid binding “Kingpin” for next winter. The big change is that the toe part is exchanged, to a version similar to their more tourinspired binding Alpinist. The modell is called Kingpin M-Werks 12 and has a DIN range from 5-12, stand height toe and heel are 18 and 25 mm, weight is 620 gram per binding with brakes. This is 110 grams lighter than normal Kingpin 10 and 13. Toe piece is pin tech and heel is and rotating pivot alpine style. And of course we ask what Markers is doing to catch up with the Salomon Shift binding!


Fritschi Xenic 10 (2020) all new lightweight touring binding

Xenic 10 is a new lightweight touringbindning from Swiss company of Fritschi. Din scale is from 5-10, weight 280 g per unit excluding brake (with brake it is 325 grams), it comes with brakes in the width of 85, 95 and 105 mm.

Line Sir Francis Bacon (2020)

143-107-139mm (@184 cm) Radius 16 m Line:s classic modell Sir Francis Bacon comes in an upgraded version for winter 2019/2020. We have checked it out!

B*A*M Pindung (2020) – A heavy competitor to Shift

New Pindung binding: Pintech uphill, alpine down hill. Marcus from B*A*M (Bavarian Alpine Manifest”) shows us there new binding called pindung. It has been shown at ISPO before but this fall of 2019 it will finally hit the market. A heavy competitor for other tech-bindings that are totally alpine downhill.
DIN 5-14
Weight 1300+ gram per unit
One climbing aid at 8 degrees
Price 499 €
25mm elasticity in front & 12 mm in back

Black Diamond – JetForce Tour (2020)

Black Diamond JetForce Tourl 26 liter avalanche back pack is coming to Europe in the fall of 2019. We met up with Petter From from Black Diamond to talk a bit more about their 3 new avybackpacks, this video showcases “Tour”. Based on the cooperation with Alpride and their system E1 with supercapacitors the 150 liter avalanche ballon are inflated rapidly. The system is fully electronic and the capacitors are charged either via micro USB or two AA batteries. The system can be charged on the mountain with the two AA-batteries after it has been activated, that takes roughly one our. This avalanche back pack is cartridge free, thus a lot more travel friendly. Total weight is 2,53 kg in size S/M and 2,63 kg in size M/L. Black Diamond are also dropping their new generation of JetForce Pro next fall, here are our extended unboxing of that pack:…

K2 Mindbender 108 Ti (2020)

Dimensions: 136-108-125
Rocker: All Terrain Rocker
Sizes: 172, 179, 186, 193
Radius: 22.9m @ 186

Torsion Control Design
Ti Y-Beam

K2 are launching a totally new line of skies for next winter 2019/2020. Forget the über successful Pinnacle… It´s time for “Mindbender”. We met up with Jed at the ISPO fair in Munich early February 2019 to talk a bit, and have a first glance of the K2 Mindbender 108 Ti.

Some say it’s too wide, some say it’s too narrow,
but that’s all noise, according to K2: “Skiers who push the Mindbender 108Ti quickly become accustomed to skiing big lines faster and more aggressively than they ever have before.”

The Mindbender skis will also come in 116mm, 99 mm, 90mm and 85 mm under foot.


7 small ski brands at ISPO 2019

You can probably name drop about ten different ski brands. But how many of these small ski brands from the ISPO fair of 2019 are you familiar with?


We try the Skytech Ski Simulator (and kind of fail…)

Skytech has developed a Ski Simulator that was shown on the ISPO fair in Munich 2019. Our reporter did the best he could, which maybe was not the best performance done on this kind of ski imitating machine. Felt like skiing? Not really said our test rabbit afterwards…

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