Best Ski Products 2021 – ISPO preview

The best new ski products of 2021, from the worlds biggest sports fair at ISPO München.

After four days among all the new cool stuff from the 3000-ish exhibitors we picked out our 8 favourites.

0:24 Marker Duke PT
4:13 Nordica HF – BUY on
7:32 AvyScanner
10:26 Head EMC
12:12 Line Blade
14:55 POC Cornea Solar Switch
16:32 Peak Performance Vertical Pro
18:24 Giro Orbit


New Nordica HF ski boot series is an innovation based on the classic old school ski boots from the past. They are as easy to step in and out as your favorite sneakers and you don’t even need your hands, and that’s the reason this model is called HF, Hands Free. 120 flex, Micheline Gripwalk and a liner made of cork and PrimaLoft. This is the perfect rear entry ski boot if you prefer comfort before prestanda.

This brand new hybridbinding, Marker Duke PT, comes in a version with DIN 6-16 with a weight of 1280 grams and also in a version with DIN 4-12 with a weight of 1150 grams. The toe-part of this binding is removable, so the weight in uphill mode for Duke PT is only 850 gram (Duke PT 12). This binding is based on Markers classic model Jester.

The Quantum, a brand new innovative touring skiboot from Dalbello. Thanks to the Bonded Shell construction this boot can be really stiff but still keep the weight as low as 950 grams. No buckles at all, just two wires that keep your feets at the right place.

Aksel Lund Svindal, legendary race-skier, have been working together Sweet Protection for a long time. Now the collaboration between these Norwegians goes to the next level and Aksels own brand A will release a collection for skiers together with Sweet protection. Clean design and high quality is the key.

Lightweight binding from ATK. The C-Raider 12 weight 305 grams and is constructed with aluminium (alu 7075), stainless steel, POM-plastic (polyoxymethylene) and Carbon Fiber Composite. Ski brakes goes from 86 to 120 millimeters and the binding got 5 different walking modes (flat, +27,5, +30, +44 and +49 millimeters. Release from 5 to 12.

Ski boot: Tecnica Mach1 MV 130 coming winter 2020/2021 Tecnica Mach1 MV is a tough ski boot that is reinforced with a carbon string i the back. This i called “T-Drive technology” and is basicaly a carbon plate reinforces the connection between shell and shaft which is supposed to increases the stability of the ski boot without compromising performance or power transmission The boot comes in diffrent flex: 130, 120 and 110. The boot can also be bought in different widths over the last: 98 mm, 100 mm and 103 mm.

Ski goggles: GIRO CONTOUR 2021 Darius from Giro shows us their latest goggle called “Contour”. It´s coming next winter season 2020/2021.

Fischers ski boot RC4 Curv GT for on piste skiing is coming next winter 2020/2021. It´s a high performance boot that weighs in well under 2 kilograms per foot, 1840 grams to be exakt in size 26,5. The 130- flex is tough enough for powerful and fast carving turns. Last width out of the box is 96 mm but with a nice little session in the oven the fit to your foot get´s a whole lot better.

Blizzard Brahma 88: Onpist with progressive flex. These skis come for winter 2020/2021 and will hit stores in the fall of 2021. Brahma 88 is an onpist ski from Blizzard made for all types of snow you can find in the slopes. Reinforced with two layers of titanal and a progressive flex, stiffer in the middle binding area and softer in tip and tails. Length (cm): 177 Shape (mm): 128-88-110 Radius (m): 16

Majesty Havoc: four different sidecuts and four different types of rocker Havoc is an interesting freetouring/freeride ski from Majesty. Paulownia core with poplar inserts, reinforced with carbon and aramid fiber. Majesty Havoc got four different sidecuts and four different types of rocker, which will give more stability and control in different terrains. This is a ski built to work in all snow conditions! Length (cm): 166, 171, 176, 181, 186 and 191 Shape (mm): 143-110-127 (186cm) Radius (m): 23 (186cm) Weight (g): 1850 (186cm)

Elan Ripstick 116 is the widest ski from Elan which is built to ride steep and deep. Elan Ripstick has an exciting construction with carbon reinforcement over the inside edges and more rocker on the outside edges. Left and right ski (asymmetrical) of course to make this possible! Lengths (cm): 177, 185 and 193 Shape (mm): 146-116-132 Radius (m): 20,4 (185cm) Weight (g): 1900 (185cm)

Scott Freeguide Carbon Ski Boot is a freetouring boot with carbon fiber and Grilamid-construction. The result is a lightweight boot (1455 grams in size 26,5) but still very stable (flex 130). 101 millimeters wide in the last and BOA liner for the best fit.

Trends & fashion: What will ski clothes look like winter 2021? What are the big trends regarding colors, styles and cuts? We look at brands like Armani, Colmar, Goldwin, Helly Hansen, J Lindeberg, Oakley, SOS, Peak Performance, Sportalm and the North Face.

POC Cornea Solar Switch: No need for more than one lens on this goggle from POC. This innovation is possible due to a solar panel which is integrated into the lens. The lens will automatically switch between light and dark, without any battery.

HEAD EMC: The world’s only electronic ski dampening system för skis. No battery or charging is needed, the electricity is produced from the natural vibrations when you ski. Good vibes only!

Völklk Blaze 106 and Blaze 94 W got the “3D Radius Sidecut” which means that there is three different sidecut radius on this ski, with the shortest one on the middle of the ski. This is the lightest freerideski from Völklk which also is equipped with tip- and tailrocker, titanal-reinforced under the bindnings. BLAZE 106 Length (cm): 165, 172, 179 och 186 Shape (mm): 146-106-128 Radius (m): 30, 17, 40 (186cm) Weight (g): 1772 (186cm) BLAZE 94 W Length (cm): 158, 165 och 172 Shape (mm): 134-94-116 Radius (m): 25, 14, 33 (165cm) Weight (g): 1427 (165cm)

This a wider lightweight ski from Black Diamond with paulownia wood core reinforced with carbon and titanal mounting plate. Traditional camber under foot, tiprocker and semi-rocker tail. Helio weights 1450 grams per ski (178cm) and got a radius from 20 to 23 meters depending on the length. Also the shape of the tip and tails is different (just two millimeters) depending on the length of the skis, always 104 millimeters wide under foot as well. Length (cm): 166, 172, 178 and 184 Shape (mm): 131-104-118 (178cm) Radius (m): 22 (178cm) Weight (g): 1450 (178cm)

Rossignol All Track is not only the ski boot that Jacob Wester usually use. It’s also a fantastic ski boot with tech-inserts made for hard charging. 130 flex and 98 millimeters wide last. All Track Elite is the boot for those who rather ski down than walking upwards.

Flight Path and Flight Tracker is two new goggles from Oakley. The Flight Path is developed with Super G champion Aleksander Kilde and has a bigger field of view specialized for racing and also a really easy system for switching lenses. Flight Trackers field of view is made for freeride-skiing and this google also comes in three different sizes compared to the Flight Path which only is available in one size.

Reckoner 122 is the widest ski from K2:s brand new freeride-serie. This is a twintip ski with low camber under foot and a high and long rise in both tip and tail. The core is made of fir and aspen and is also carbonreinforced. This is a true powderski for sure. Length (cm): 177, 184 and 191 Shape (mm): 144-122-136 Radius (m): 23,7 (184cm)

Lightweight ski from Black Diamond with paulownia wood core reinforced with carbon and titanal mounting plate. Traditional camber through the whole ski and a weight of 1035 grams per ski (171cm). Radius from 17,5 to 20,5 meters depending on the length and also the shape of the tip and tails is different (just a few millimeters) depending on the length of the skis, always 84 millimeters wide under foot as well. Length (cm): 157, 164, 171 and 178 Shape (mm): 115-84-104 (171cm) Radius (m): 19,5 (171cm) Weight (g): 1035 (171cm)

Disruption is a new serie of charging carve-skis from K2 developed together with Warner Nickerson. Aspen and titanal in the core and equipped with Speed Rocker, which means traditional camber through the whole ski except an early rise in the tips, and also an innovative dampening system: Dark Matter Dampening . Pretty narrow shape for all skis in this serie, made for slicing manchester all day.

With AvyScanner you can create a profile of the snowpack down to 2 meters deep, just by scanning the snow in a few seconds, without digging at all. Does it work? Well, if you ask the creators from Avametrix, it works perfect. This little thing also includes a GPS map, magnetic compass, slope angle meter, wind speed detector, air temperature sensor and activity logbook. Is this the future for avalanche safety?

Sender Ti is one of many skis from Rossignols brand new serie Black Ops. All skis from Black Ops is environmentally friendly produced with Rossignols Eco Conception. Built with plenty of recycled materials, 100% clean energy and short transports from the factory in Spain. Sender Ti is constructed with poplar wood core and is also titanal- and carbon-reinforced. Low camber under the foot together with tip- and tailrocker. The width varies from 104 to 108 millimeters depending on the length. Shape (mm): 138-106-128 (187cm) Length (cm): 180, 187 och 194 Radius (m): 21 (187cm) Weight (kg): 4,4 (187cm)

Together with their team athletes Peak Performance has developed the jacket Vertical Pro. Professional skiers as Hedvig Wessel and Kristofer Turdell, which both is competing at the Freeride World Tour, has been including in the whole process to all the smart features like “popping” pockets, stretchy parts in different directions, integrated balaclava and a real strong Gore-Tex. Nothing is for nothing, the price for this jacket will be around 800 euros.

Line is launching a true all mountain ski, and how they do it. Line Blade is an ISPO Award Winner and except a cool shape and design this ski got an interesting construction. Aspen woodcore and Gas Pedal Metal inside makes this ski to a real charger with directional flex. Some secrets exists about the radius which only is specified as tight. There’s also a model for women which is thinner and comes in shorter lengths, The Line Blade W. Line Blade: Shape (mm): 154-95-124 Lengths (cm): 169, 176 and 181 Weight (g): 2050 Stance (mm): -40 Line Blade W: Shape (mm):140-92-114 Lengths (cm): 153, 160 and 167 Weight (g): 1650 Stance (mm): -36,3

Visor helmets are really popular in the central parts of Europe, that’s a fact. If you ever been to the alps you know that for sure. The question is, will the visor helmets conquer the rest of the world also? Anyway, The Giro Orbit Mips is an impressive visor helmet, perfect adjustable fit, Zeiss-optic, Mips, Polartec, replaceable visor… and looks really cool?

With Gregory Targhee Fasttrack you can attach your skis without removing the backpack. An easy maneuver and an elastic stripe is all you need to attach your skis to your pack in a few seconds. Gregory Targhee Fasttrack is available in an volym of 35 and 45 liters and weights 1300 grams. The Targhee Fasttrack 35 has earned the Gold Winner Award in the Alpine & Freeride Backpacks category in the Snow Sports segment for its well-thought-out features.