Best Ski Products 2022 – Sneak peak

No ISPO-fair this winter due to corona, but still we want to know what kind of cool gear is hitting the stores next ski season!

Top 9 Best Ski Products 2022

There was no ISPO sports fair this year due to the pandemic. We are still interested in what all great ski brands have in store for next winter. We met up with some of the best ski brands and checked out their hot products coming for winter 2021/2022.

Salomon 2022

In this video we take a closer look at the new ski from Salomon QST BLANK.

An interesting addition to the QST family, and to be blunt: a replacement for the old QST 118. For the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 season, the QST range now features four models: the all-new QST Blank (112 mm waist), the QST 106, the new QST 98 and the QST 92.

We met up with Salomon at their workshop in Borås, Sweden and had a sneak peak on some of their new products of winter 2021/2022. Here we talk about their new ski QST BLANK 112. A progressive and playful freeride powder ski for pretty much everything bigger that you might encounter on the mountain. A pillow-popping, powder-loving 112 mm waist ski built to slay everything on deep days at the resort or in the backcountry. Not a ski for those of you seeking a lightweight option, it´s 2,2 kg per ski in 186 cm, but more a ski for skiers who want to to have a powerful tool to float down the steeps with. Combine it with a modern hybrid binding like Shift and you´re good to go just about everywhere except maybe a long, slack missions like the Haute Route but on a adventure like the Urner Haute Route between Andermatt and Engelberg, yes indeed SIR!

Length Measure Radius Weight
178 cm 137/112/126 mm 15 m 2100 gram
186 cm 138/112/127 mm 17 m 2250 gram
194 cm 139/112/128 mm 18 m 2450 gram
Price for QST Blank will be 7500 SEK / 799 EURO

Salomon QST 98

From chasing natural features in the morning to slaying glades until après, the QST 98 is along side QST Blank 112 the new offers in the QST range winter 2021/2022.

It’s a playful yet powerful ski with the mindset of taking on the entire mountain. Groomers, powder, park and everything in between. A new shape with faster radius and a 98 mm waist under your ski boots make it highly versatile. ABS double sidewalls transmit power to your edges. C/FX carbon in the tip and tail allow for quick pivots, along with strength and power. The Cork Damplifier gives stability when arcing at high speeds. Throw some skins on and some S/LAB Shift bindings to take it touring.

Salomon QST 98 is not the best ski for groomers, not the best ski for powder, not the best for park skiing, neither the best ski for touring. So why even bother checking it out? Well, QST 98 will truly be a high ranked horse in all categories mentioned, thus making it a true one quiver for skiers seeking one pair to do it all.

Salomon Stance 102 – a charger for the entire mountain. Mix an on pist performance ski with a freeride ski, and you´ll get a Stance.

Get a sneak peak on the ski gear coming for winter 2021/2022: In this video we take a closer look at Salomon Stance 102 that will remain as it is for next winter. The Stance concept was new to this winter. The Stance range is made to charge all over the resort by blending what Salomon knows about edge grip from the alpine racing world and maneuverability and forgiveness from years of developing freeride products.

SALOMON STANCE – eight different skis from 80 mm up to 102 mm The whole Stance concept now consists of five skis: 90, 96 and 102 ski for men/unisex, and a 88 and 94 for women. Next winter a 80 and an 84 Stance for men/unisex will also appear. All in all seven different versions of Stance to pick from winter 2021/2022 then.

Salomon Shift Pro 130

Designed for skiers who want one boot for everything. A boot made for freeriders who are boot liftbased and do some touring here and there. The boot is a four-buckle one, with 100mm last that is shapable up to 106mm. 1,6 kg per boot, a preshaped and seamless liner, the top buckles also have extension arms which are nice while walkning upwards. If you only go on the groomers – do not buy this boot.

If you only go skitouring – do not buy this boot. Do you do groomers, some inbound ski resort powder hunting and some closeby side country and a few longer, daybased mountaineering missions in the search of great snow and good freeride runs? We´ll then this could be the ski boot for you.

The Shift Pro range also includes the Shift Pro 120 and Shift Pro 100 for slightly softer flexes than the Shift Pro 130.

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Salomon Radium Prime Sigma Goggles 2022

These new ski goggles from Salomon called Radium Prime Sigma features an oversized spherical lens with Anti Fog + to maximize field of vision and keep fog away. And what the heck does “spherical” mean? Well it means that the lens is curved on horizontal as well as on vertical axis. The SIGMA™ lens offers enhanced contrast and a field of vision according to Salomon. The Custom ID Fit technology gives you a good fit even when worn with optical glasses, while the no-slip silicone strap keeps your goggles in place through all the action. Available with lenses in CAT 1-3 (stands for category 1, 2 and 3).
CAT 1 is for low light (flat light, snowfall ☁❄)
CAT 2 is for moderate light (cloudy, changing conditions ⛅☁)
CAT 3 is for strong light (Sunny, a little bit cloudy ☀⛅)
Most versatile? Category 2.

Salomon Husk Prime helmet: we take a look at Salomons new ski helmet coming for season 2021/2022.

K2 2022

K2 Mindbender 108 Ti [2022]

Warner Nickerson will talk you through why these are some badass friends to have on pretty much any full ski day on the mountain. The Mindbender 108Ti delivers at any speed in any conditions. A mid-fat waist (108mm) width, long turn radius 22,9 m at 186 cm, All-Terrain Rocker profile, and Titanal Y-Beam construction work together to create a freeride ski that wants to be pushed. Whether the snow is soft, firm, chunky, or all of the above, you’ll be ready to play through with Mindbender 108 Ti according to K2.
Measures: 136/108/125 mm
Radius: 22.90 m (@186 cm)
Weight: 2236 gram (@186 cm)
Lengths: 172,179,186 and 193 cm

K2 Reckoner 112 [2022]

Warner Nickerson explain why Reckoner 112 is the weapon of choice if you would like to have a light, playful ski which reminds you a bit a twin tip ski but a lot more float and edge grip.

Line Skis 2022

Line vision 108 Ski 2022

We take a look at Line Vision 108. Stable at high speeds, light in the air, & easy to control, the 108 is a popular ski. The one freeride ski that can slap down pillow stacks one day and explore far out zones the next. Best for freeriding the entire mountain and then going for a tour after the lifts close. Combine it with a hybrid bindning like Shift och Duke PT and your all set. Early rise and taper in both tip and tail.
LENGTHS: 175, 183, 189 cm
CORE: Partly Cloudy™
SHAPE mm: 142-108-128
WEIGHT/ SKI(g): 1605 (@183 cm)
FLEX: Directional Flex™
SIDECUT AVG. m: 19.5 (@183 cm)
Line Vision comes also in a 98 mm and a 118 mm version.

Line Sakana Ski 2022

We take a look at Line Sakana (Sakana = fish in Japanese). A ski that came around for the first time winter 2018/2019. LINE Sakana is a versatile all mountain, that is utilizing a swallowtail shape in the back and camber through the majority of the ski, early rise and early taper in the front. The Sakana is made to carve on hard snow, but an early rise tip and wide shovel allow the skis to surf through deeper snow with ease. It´s 105 mm under foot, with a radius of 15 meter in length of 174 cm, the ski has a reinforced core for better performance on the groomers. Sakana is a ski that loves to turn.
Lengths: 166 cm, 174 cm and 181 cm
Measure: 150-105-138mm (@174cm)
Radius: 15 m (@174cm)
Weight: 1770 g/ ski (@174cm)
Core is “Partly Cloudy”, reinforced with Carbon/Fax Tape. Early rise and early taper.

MORE FLOAT – LINE PESCADO Seeking more float but still in for the fishtail-thing? Look for Pescado, that´s Eric Pollards first swallowtail design and has a 125 mm width under foot. A bit softer flex, and a massive shovel, makes the Pescado is made to float through deep snow with ease. Pescado comes only in the length of 180 cm.

Rossignol 2022

Rossignol Black Ops Escaper Ski 2022

Rossignol Experience 86 Ti Ski 2022

Dynastar skis 2022

Dynastar M-Free 99 Ski 2022

Lange Ski Boots 2022


Extrem 2022

Extrem Fusion 105 Ski 2022
Fusion 105 is a lightweight and playful freeride ski for both resort skiing and backcountry touring. Use it together with a hybrid binding such as Shift, Kingpin or Duke PT and have a setup that takes you everywhere on the mountain. Or mount an alpine binding and enjoy the playful characteristics while freeriding the resort. Extrem is made in Åre, Sweden.
Extrem Fusion 105 comes in lengths 179, 186 and 193 cm.
Dimensions at 186 cm 136-105-124mm
Radius 21 m
Weight 1880 g

Extrem Fusion 105 Reload Ski 2022
With titanal reinforcement the Fusion 105 Reload is designed for skiers who want a freeride ski with more power. The arrow-shaped titanal stringers adds edge grip under foot, while offering a gentle flex in tip and tail for soft snow. Simply a perfect combination of stability and playfulness! Extrem is made in Åre, Sweden. Extrem Fusion 105 Reload comes in lengths 179, 186 and 193 cm. Do you want the same ski but without the metal? Look for Extrem Fusion 105.
Dimensions at 186 cm 136-105-124mm
Radius 21 m
Weight 2000 g

Extrem Fusion 95 Carbon Ultra Ski 2022
Extrem Fusion 95 Carbon Ultra is combining the ultralight weight of a traditional touring ski with the modern shape of the Fusion 95, designed for playful downhill skiing performance. Fusion Carbon is the flagship construction in our range with two layers of pre-preg carbon and glass fiber. A wood core of snappy poplar and lightweight paulownia is used together with the ultralight aerospace material Koroyd in tip and tail for lowest possible swing weight. Extrem skis are made in Åre, Sweden.
Dimensions at 179 cm 128-95-116 mm
Radius 18 m
Weight 1280 g
Lengths available: 158, 165, 172, 179 and 186 cm.

Black Diamond 2022

Black Diamond Impulse 104 (2022)
We met up with Black Diamond and had a sneak peak on some of their new products of winter 2021/2022. Here we talk about their brand new ski serie called Impulse, built as everyday drivers for skiers how are mostly lift based but still doesn´t mind a boot pack or a bit of touring close to the ski resort.

Black Diamond Transfer LT 2022
Here we talk about their new lightweight avalanche shovel Black Diamond Transfer LT.

Black Diamond Vapor Carbon 2 (2022)
We met up with Black Diamond and had a sneak peak on some of their new products of winter 2021/2022. Here we talk about their new lightweight ski poles Vapor Carbon 2, that are made of carbon, foldable and extendable through the flick locker (that piece is made of metall). The poles come with a powder basket, and the handles are nice and long with grippy, soft foam – perfect for your hands when traversing on the way up. Weight is just over 200 gram per ski pole.

Black Diamond Reacon LT (2022)
Here we talk about their new lightweight avalanche transceiver Reacon LT. Weight? 137 gram including battery.