How to write a review on Freeride

You have tested the new hot gadget. You now know the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget better than your own best friend. But on the computer, the screen is whiter than the North Poel and the cursor flashes annoyingly monotonous. The typewriter laughs you straight in your face. How do I do this review?

In fact, writing a review need not be particularly difficult. Basically, it’s just your honest experience that we all want to read about.

When reviewing a ski resort, you have a field where you write what you think about the resort. The gadgets have three fields: strengths, weaknesses and summary. When you review skis, you get a little more assistance, with more mandatory fields to fill in.

At Freeride you will find lots of reviews to be inspired by. And do not forget that your opinion about a ski, adventure or ski resort is important! Good luck and we all look forward to hearing what you think!

Below are some tips and examples on how to write and photograph.

Links to find Freeride’s reviews

  • Write a review – here you share your opinion about stuff or the experience of ski resorts
  • Latest 10 reviews – collection page where the 10 most recent reviews on ski resort and gadget are located

How to write a Gear Review

  • Be honest.
    “Bulgaria must be a rugged country, but oh so funny!” (About the ski resort of Bansko)
  • Begin by briefly describing your first impressions, then you can immerse yourself.
    “The thing comes in a yellow box. The inclinometer itself is in hard plastic and looks like the wider part of a standard digital thermometer. “(Pieps tilt meter/inclinometer)
  • Put the product in a context, is it for beginners or professionals, when and where is it intended to be used?
    “On ski boots, the crampons are not fixed properly, which is my big grudge on them. In retrospect, I understand that they are mainly for hiking and walking boots …. sorry. “(About Camp Steps)
  • Describe when, how and where you have tested the product.
    “Test conditions are on an old and hard snowpack offpist, with a thin layer of snow on top. The terrain was full of pits and bumps. “(About Dynafit Beast 16)
  • Take your own product images, such as features, settings, and wear.
  • If you try skis: fill in the fields for the ride style, test length of the skis, as well as your weight and length.
  • Is the product expensive or cheap? Is it affordable?
    “The price feels on top. It must be possible to manufacture this type of product at a lower final price. It is also strange that none of competitors have any similar product. “(About Pieps tilt meter)
  • Other similar products: Have you tested or used any similar product? Compare!
    “The skis feel very much like 4Frnt Hoji, though more subdued and even more playful, but with the ability to cope.” (About the skis Dynafit Chugach)
  • Rate 1-5 (1 = Bad, 2 = Fairly Good, 3 = Good, 4 = Very Good and 5 = Excellent)
  • Summarize your impressions in Strengths and Weaknesses
    “Strengths: Lightweight, smooth and all-round. Weaknesses: At really deep pow a fatter ski fits even better. “(About the skis Head Kore 105)
  • Read the text an extra time to arrange grammar and spelling. Your done, good job!


How to write a ski resort review

  • Be honest.
  • Begin by briefly describing your first impressions, then you can immerse yourself.
  • Put the ski resort in a context, is it for beginners or professionals? What kind of ski resort is it? A wild La Grave from France without slopes, a piste paradise a la Aspen in Coloradoa, US or a child friendly and small, but exploited hill like Lindvallen in Sälen, Sweden?
  • Describe when you visited the ski resort and how the conditions were then.
  • Take your own photos at the resort. That your own pictures are not as fancy as professional photos from ski resorts is no weakness, but a strength. We want the truth, and nothing but the truth!
  • Price level: Do you get much for the money in the ski resort? Is accommodation, ski passes expensive or cheap? Are there different price options that suits different travel budgets?
  • Other similar resorts: Have you been to any other similar ski resort? Take advantage of this and compare.
  • Rate 1-5 (1 = Bad, 2 = Fairly Good, 3 = Good, 4 = Very Good and 5 = Excellent)
  • Please sum up your impressions and summarize yourself with self-written headlines like Strengths and Weaknesses or Plus and Minus.
  • Read the text an extra time to arrange grammar and spelling. Ok, you´re finished – well done!

One last note: Do you have to start from the beginning? No! An alternative is by starting from the wrong direction – backwards. That is, you start by breaking up strengths and weaknesses. When done, write a little more insight into the respective categories of strengths and weaknesses.

Another alternative is to start with the most dramatic, if you have just been in an accident and are about to tell this to a friend: How do you start? Just like this: “The alarm clock ranged at 5:45 am and I was sickly tired. Felt like a human sloth. In the fridge there was only a little vanilla yoghurt left, so I ended up eating a couple of crackers with butter and…” No, you probably say: “– What a crash! The car was driving right out, I did not have a chance and bang!” When you have told this first most dramatic, most striking, greatest news, the biggest surprise – or whatever detail that makes your blood boil – then you can pick up the thread and explain the rest.