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St Moritz - Corviglia
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If you avoid any neighborhood in Dorf and do not live in the 5-star hotels, the village feels like any ski resort.

Corviglia is the largest ski area and has a very well-organized lift system and well-prepared slopes. There is infinity with easily accessible offpiste that lasts days after snowfall.

At the busy little brother Corvatsch there is a lot of fun skiing. In addition to a really steep hill from the top, the mountain offers a moon landscape-like playground with varied rides on large, opaque areas of drip and jumps. The lift system and dining areas are not as modern as in Corviglia but work.

Take the world-class train and stay at high altitude and go on a glacier or mountain guide in Diavolezza.

Should you want to rest from skiing some day, Muottas Muragl offers one of Switzerland's longest slopes (!). In S-Chanf you will find Serlas Parc with a truly innovative indoor climbing.

Good bus and train connections make it easy to transport between the various ski areas, and also makes it possible to stay cozy and cheaper in the small towns around the area.

Val d'Isere
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Val d'isére is good! Awesome big with a lot of fall height, long well-prepared slopes and unlimited off-piste. There are varied rides for all directions. They have really managed to make the lift system efficient and it is connected in a fantastic way. The lift queues are rarely particularly long if you ignore the morning rush. The village is nice and has everything you could wish for. Swim or practice at Aquasportif after the ride.

Since, in principle, all rides occur above the tree boundary, it causes some weather sensitivity. Also count on high prices at most, even in the supermarket.

Park City
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At first sight, one might wonder how a pair of tree-clad hills with a few slopes can offer for skiing. After taking one of the sixteen lifts up, you understand more, as you only see less than 20% of the downhill ride. There are a total of eight mountains with the highest ridge of +3000 meters. The majority of the rivers are red and more than 30% are black. There are nine bowls for cruising steep hill, mainly in birch or spruce forest. And the snow is snowy, even when there are plus degrees. Liftköer is not even in Christmas and New Year, it's a nice atmosphere and there is plenty of food and service in principle everywhere. The slopes are wide and very well prepared.

The city itself is quite genuine but sad, but who cares when skiing is cruel.

Park City
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Above the dirty plastic resort village you will find the tall egglift among the nine mountains. Already on the way up, you understand what gave the ski area its name. There are five bowls and six natural halfpipes and how much other rides. Almost half of the rides are black and when dumped, Utah's extremely dry snow experiences total. Stay better at Park City.

Deer Valley
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Played SSX? Here are a lot of families who are good at steel bars, but if you are stunned in the huge lodges, mountain wings and disney plasticity, you'll find six mountains, 950 altitude meters and 100 slopes that provide excellent skiing and great views. For those who like to go outside the piste there are six bowls and glad skis that you have to do for several weeks. The dry snow is indescribable. The resort is one of three in the United States that does not allow snowboards (!?) and the only one that has personnel carrying your skis to the car (!?) Stay and ride better at Park City.

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Hintertux Gletcher offers great glacier skiing in autumn or even at any time of the year. Three modern, fast and really big egg lifts take up to +3200 meters. Up there are tens of sledge lifts and two seat lifts that serve about fifty kilometers of piste. It may be possible that they should invest a little in these lifts, as the lift queues are not really related to the space in the slopes. However, as much as possible, you get six hundred high meters of well-traveled rides down to the Tuxer fernerhaus where you can, in addition to eating, also take the lift back into the valley. Slightly outdated, and in the sunshine in the morning, you'll find the Kasere lifts with awesome carving. Despite free ski buses running every fifteen minutes, one should be careful to check where the accommodation is located. This then most of the accommodation in the long valley says it is located just next to the glacier.

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Banff is 1.5 hours by car from Calgary. Stan is completely complete and you therefore live best there. A 4x4 car is recommended to transport to the Sunshine Village, Mt Norquay and Lake Louise ski areas. In the area, it average 9 meters per season. There is plenty of accommodation in all price ranges and the town offers a nice cowboy feeling with lots of wildlife, even in the middle of town!

Five minutes from town, Mt Norquay is a small mountain but well worth a day's ride. Despite its smallness, there is a ride in all levels of difficulty.

Six miles from Banff, in the middle of beautiful Banff National Park, Lake Louise is located. The ski area is the largest in Canada's part of Rocky Mountains, and here you can also find the toughest ride. A fast gondola and several quick chairlifts take one up in the mountains. The front is prettier than the backside where you find unlimited control but unstable bowling.

We liked the best about Sunshine Village which is 20 minutes by car from Banff. From the parking lot there is a fast, three kilometer long gondola up to the ski area which is high on a plateau in a valley. Most of the lifts leave from this plateau and here you will also find some service and food. Most of the rides are above the tree line and there is no limit to the lift cages off the piste. Most of the rides are in the blue-red scale, but really steep rides are also available. For those who want a real challenge, Delirium Dive requires some preparation before you can get approved.

Banff is recommended for anyone who can imagine really varied rides and want a greater natural experience than you get at most other ski resorts in the world.

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At first glance, it is believed that Norwegian Kvitfjell is yet another insignificant Scandinavian ski resort. But the mountain has a lot of skiing to offer. The resort is reached by car from Gardemoen in two hours or offers the country's only ski-in, ski out train station.

Skis ride on both sides of the mountain and fast six-seat lifts take one to the top where you can choose the side of each track. Skiing is clearly grown when red and black pistes dominate. The storm is cruelly steep. There are plenty of opportunities for the liftburen off piste and several parks for jibbers. The area is known to be well-ventilated in all weather, which we also agree with.

There are unusually many eateries where the Tyrihanstunet stacks a little extra. As usual, Norwegians are not shy. Count 150 kronor for a lunch.

There are many accommodation options at the Mellomstasjon but we stayed at Studio H which lies west of the mountain. Studio H is both designed and functional. A separate lift provides ski in - ski out. However, be sure to shop for food before heading up to cook yourself.

Jungfrau Region
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The Jungfrau region includes the ski resorts Mürren, Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg, Männlishen and Grindewald-First. You can live in all locations and transport Switzerland swiftly and accurately via lifts and / or mountain railways. Most of the ridge is blue and red, but when the area is large and the mountains are high, there are plenty of steeper exceptions. In the areas of Kleine Scheidegg and Männlishen there is the most varied ride and largely unlimited possibilities for lifting off the piste if it has dumped. In Grindelwald-First the ride may be nice, but it's good if you like carving in wide blue slopes. In addition, there is a nice park.

Stay at, or at least visit, Hotel Bellevue Des Alpes at the train station up on Kleine Scheidegg. The classic hotel, which is featured in several films about climbing the Eigers north wall, was built in 1840 and the time has basically been quiet since then.

Winter Park
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Winter Park is the small resort of comfortable 1.5 hours drive from Denver. Accommodation in WP Village is near the ski area, but the accommodation in WP Downtown is both cheaper and better. The ski buses are ideal for transportation. The limited business offering and nightlife are more than compensated for by skiing.

Most of the 25 lifts are quite old and slow but, along with the design of the ski area, provide a nice laid back atmosphere. During Christmas and New Year the parking was full, but the lift queues still shone with their absence. In the Mary Jane area there are very good humpbacks, woodlands and really steep hills, and if you want to sleep with long carvings, Winter Park Mountain is a pistachio mecca. Best off piste can be found in Parsenn bowl or down to the Vasques ridge and Vasques cirque areas. Opportunities for back country skiing are endless, especially at the Berthod pass as you cross the Denver-WP road.

It is worth mentioning that when the resort is located on almost 3000 meters of skiing an additional 1000 meters up it is snow proof, but most feel the height of the first few days. It facilitates drinking a lot of water the week before arrival.