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A few miles south of Sysslebäck in northern Värmland you will find Branäs. The resort has 29 slopes, 20 lifts and a fall height of 1,360 feet - the tenth largest fall height in Sweden.

The resort was opened in December 1988 by King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and has been a proud destination in Värmland ever since.

Sweden's first world championship in Skicross was held here in 2009 on a specially designed slope.

One of Sweden's five gondolas can be found in Branäs and it has been there since the opening in 1988.

As with many other places in Sweden, there is a shortage of steep slopes here too. If you are traveling with the family, this area is perfect. A more family-friendly place is hard to find. If you are looking for a crazier time, you might be disappointed.

However, the big hill is very popular and the wide hill has enough space for a lot of people.

Snow forecast

  • Tuesday

    15.7 mm rain

    3 m/s
  • Wednesday

    9.2 mm rain

    3 m/s
  • Thursday

    10.4 mm rain

    1 m/s
What do you think about Branäs?
Ola (Guest)
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Totally fantastic!! Good prepared slopes and good for the whole family !! ?

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Too bad you do not use a seemingly good mountain with slightly steeper slopes that go "straight down", along where the gondola is drawn. Could be good then. Now there are too few real slopes. Service at the mountain lodge bar was rigid and the owner seems to steer the staff tiny so that there is no room for flexibility. For example, was after a restaurant visit refused to buy a bag of peanuts in the bar 22:05 with reference to closing 22:00. "Computer says no". The pizzeria on the 2nd floor requires that you download an app in the mobile for ordering - the staff not trusted with cash! You put a knot on themselves. Feel free to order in the app, but offer guests options!

Lars Staf
Lars Staf (Guest)
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Good family backing

Millan (Guest)
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Perfect for families with children who want a flexible holiday with a focus on the little ones. The ride is nice, the slopes are right for beginners to middle-aged riders. For those who want a tougher challenge there are a couple of nice slopes, but it is not the advanced rider that Branäs is primarily targeting. Boendena, in particular, at Berget is in many cases very well placed. You can rarely put the car on arrival and do not touch it on the whole trip. The back, after skin, shop and cross-country track can be reached in a few minutes on foot if you choose the right area (we stayed in the Vargen, as close to the children's area one could come). All children's activities are free and there is also free childcare in the village. You're not used to it, so get it up! The only negative we experienced was the food supply. The service felt above and unsure of Ladan - making reservations was difficult and we had a great deal of trouble in a "fully booked" restaurant which, however, turned out to be less than half full. So the improvement area would be there. However, we will book again when both adults and children had a really nice and relaxing trip in a cannon cottage.

Niclas ceder
Niclas ceder (Guest)
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A 5 can easily get this facility if you build the plant against syslebæk so there will be some red and black slopes.
A lift from amundsbacken to the edge o the hill to the top.

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When we were there (at the end of March 2018) it was incredibly bad snow, not bad with snow without bad snow, although it must have been among the best years in the long run for the night. Here it was rocky & on the verge of ice everywhere. Felt like pure cannon snow. In addition, the lifts were incredibly slow.
So I did not have my best days in Branäs.
The highlight was probably the cabin which was really good AND the lunch at the Mountain Lodge.

Fredrik (Guest)
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Have visited in principle all major ski resorts in Sweden, but Branäs takes the price in all categories. Sick child friendly, making it easy to be a parent on vacation. Really good skiing for advanced skiers and a great advantage was that all accommodation and infrastructure are located right next to the slopes.

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Branäs focuses on the little children, and they are doing very well! From the obvious, such as the majority of children's activities and many green and blue backs to the small details like pallets on the public toilets as well as earplugs for children and slush puppy on after skin. 4 year old loves it! Going for a treasure hunt with the bear bushes, the bear bush cup and dances on the children's aprons. On the mountain, the favorite Nintendo Land - an upscale forest path with Super Mario characters, and the irritation of her parents, the apparently pointless buttonlift carousel down at the square - "I take a few turns now in the morning mom, it's best when it's nypistad".
Even the 7-year-old gets his appetite. Here is the jump in the Big Airbag which is the big favorite. Closely followed by starting in a home and driving slalom, self-timer, and going to the park. The latter, Pepsi Funpark, is the top for a 7 year old, but too nice for a jibbling teenager. The Super Mario hill is poppis here too, like all little jumps on the side of the slopes.
Then we are parents. With splendid spring sun in April, sausage grilling in the hill, after-ski beer in the sun, consistently friendly staff, close to everything and nice turns in the sledding nest in the next empty slopes, we will have a nice and happy long weekend. But with only one back that gives a little challenge (combination of Branäs only black back together with a long red) it will be a little bit easy if you have a lot of ambition with your skiing. Satisfied children give happy parents absolutely agree this long weekend. But I had not added here for more than a long weekend. Then I prefer to go to the other side of the border, Norway, and get a lot more challenging ride-at the same time away from Gothenburg there are proper mountains! In fact, for satisfied parents is also important. But thanks Branäs for a sunny, fun memory!

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We, ie 2 families with children from 4 to 10 years visited Branäs in the middle of April 2018. It was the season's end and brilliant April weather with sun, blue skies and fine winds but mostly very few people.
Ellen 8 years summarized the first impression of Branäs quite well when we looked out of Skilodge in the morning: -Pappa, Va near everything is.
Staying at Skilodge, you live right at the valley station, which was very smooth and everything is very close; supermarket, ski shop, ski rental, restaurant, après ski etc.
Branäsberget has a gondola lift, some chairlifts and very many button lifts. Fall height is 415 m and many slopes are green and blue. From the top and down to the valley station of the gondola is a good red and a black hill that was appreciated most of us adults but also of the children.
The favorite back for the kids was the Super Mario back, a childhood reminder of the forest lanes, every child is so fond of. At the end of the track there are some Super Mario characters and at the beginning of the back there is a big plastic figure by Mario himself who also speaks and attracts all children. When we visited Branäs there were very few people so there was never crowd in neither hoisting nor backing. All of the slopes were well pisted and kept well at the hot temperatures, but it probably was due to the fact that there were so few people.
There was a little border crossroads and a terrain park with some rather small big jumps and some rails and boxes. There was also a slalom with self-timer and down at the gondola, they had a Big Air bag that became our children's favorite. The park was okay, but if you have a little bigger children at 13-14, I can imagine they grow out of Branäs.
Everything is very child friendly with ski school, easy slopes and lifts for smaller children and beginners, children's activities like treasure hunting and children's skis (guess it's like a lemonade).
What Branäs misses is a little more red and black slopes that utilize the 415 fall height meters they still proudly. But, as I understood, there is a landowner who prevents the plant from expanding where the terrain is most favorable for a little steeper and longer slopes.
Both families' children went to ski school for 2 days and they were very pleased. Noel 10 years appreciated a lot that everyone in the ski school group was at the same level. Then it was extra luxurious that the group was only four children, which was not that weird when it was the last weekend the facility was open for the season.
All the staff we met at, ski school, ski hire, lifts and restaurants and the hotel was very happy, nice and service oriented.
Branäs is suitable for families with a little smaller child (3-12 years) and maybe a short week or a long weekend, but if you have teens or are going to go somewhere for a whole week, then we may not choose Branäs in the first place.
Plus and minus
+ Good fall height
+ Extremely child friendly
+ Very close to Gothenburg
-Lite too few steep and long slopes
-Secure flat slopes where next to the flat

Anna (Guest)
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Well maintained with extremely friendly staff

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