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Model Speedwave 10
Brand Elan
More information Elan Speedwave 10
Category Skis
Subcategory Piste
Level Medium
Modelyear 2010
Tip (mm) 122
Waist (mm) 72
Tail (mm) 102
Turning radius (m) 10.00
Reference size (cm) 152
Sizes (cm) 152,160,168,176
2 reviews
Information Speedwave 10 has a layer of lithium and is aimed at skiers who want to develop into skilled piste whipers. It is the piste series that set the standard for multi-radius piste skis for long and short turns. Speedwave has Elan´'s patented WaveFlex ™ Technology, RST (Racaing Sidewall Technology), Power Woodcore which makes the ski very stable, nimble, and easy to turn in all types of piste driving.