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Ischgl might actually have the world's best after ski and if that's not enough, there is also very impressive nightlife going on until morning time, in addition to regular live concerts. The list of world performers who have put on a show at their yearly season opening, Easter or end of season concerts called "Top of the Mountain" is huge. Ischgl also belongs to one of the largest ski areas across the Alps, and maybe even the world, which makes it even more of a success. It is probably a combination of a fantastic after ski, magnificent mountains and world class skiing that have made Ischgl such a big player in such a short time.

The village itself is no "sell-out", but has retained its classic Tyrol style. However, there are elements of modern design, such as the lift system and other infrastructure. Modern infrastructure in this village is very appreciated as it is not always preferable to live along the main street in a city known for its nightlife.

Snow forecast

  • Saturday

    23.7 cm snow
    3 m/s
  • Sunday

    33.6 cm snow
    2 m/s
  • Monday

    36.1 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    3 m/s
What do you think about Ischgl?
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Lovely place with many slopes to choose from. A great way to explore the different slopes is to follow the ready-made routes on the map to the lift system. Clearly one of the best resorts in Austria in terms of skiing and afterski. Highly recommended!

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Lovely skiing with beautiful slopes. Sorry for the afterski on the slopes, but down the village there is!

Was there Easter -15 with 4 guys and had a cannonball ride.

This place suits you who want a beautiful ride, a beer in the hill while the slopes are open, but maybe not for those who want to stay there until it gets dark!

Daniel Rönngren
Daniel Rönngren (Guest)
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Went with STS Alpresor to Ischgl v.9 2016 and I was pleasantly surprised. Was really supposed to go to Champoluc but it did not happen for different reasons, so icechgl became a second choice. Therefore, my expectations were not particularly high. But this was a really good week. The trip was convenient with direct flights from Arlanda to Innsbruck and about 1.5 hours bus ride. The village was very nice. Many nice hotels and nice buildings. It was also really nice atmosphere and pretty good party life. The lift system was state-of-the-art, comfortable and fast, and easy to get to all the different places. In neighboring Samnaun there were. A cabin on 2 floors. I had a lot of luck with the weather. It was good with snow and the sun was coming a couple of times. The slopes were tall, wide and nice ceilings. There were also very easily accessible offpiste areas that I could utilize thanks to the snow and this was absolutely wonderful. I stayed at Pension Zangerl which was quite a boring place, but very nice that a hill ended just outside the hotel. The less good was that there were often a lot of people on some slopes, so it was often hard to drive as fast as you wanted because of bad skiers that were in the way. This problem occurred in the blue o red slopes. The blacks were usually free from many people. The backs were often very upset in the afternoons. So the pistoling was always much better before lunch.

+ The village
+ Elevator system
+ The entire ski system (all put together in a good way and easy to get to different places)
+ Easy offpiste

- A lot of people in blue and red pistes
- A little dull food

With that said, Ischgl gets a strong 4.

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Just returned from Ischgl v.3 2017. We had a fabulous trip with weather and snowfall. It was snowing for 3 days just before we got there so we had a lot of offpiste all week. Almost unlimited with offpiste stretches. Well prepared slopes too and very little queues. Good food in the slopes and clean, freshness and nice on the dining. There is skiing for all levels of difficulty. Aftershine was also very good at full speed from 16 o'clock approx. The food in the restaurants in the village was great and you can find prices from a bit below Swedish to a bit above Swedish levels. Very handy was that Northlander had arranged direct flights from Skellefteå to Innsbruck.
No queues

Hard to find, if anything, it was very German-inspired music on the afterskin. Tight but easily danced so to speak :-) What a surprise? :-)
Missing lift from piste 80 towards Samnaum up to Palinkopf. It would give even more offpiste skiing!

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Went to Ischgl to bring the season with Slopetrotter. Have been to smaller resorts in Austria earlier, impressed by this giant ski resort. Overall I got a very good impression and will go to Ischgl again.

Modern and fast lifting system.
No matter where you live in the village, because it's always close to the village's ski tunnels with a reel that takes you straight to the lift.
Really lovely après ski with classics like aperol spirits and DJ Ötzi.
The smuggling route to Switzerland.

Wind-sensitive, half-timbered buildings were shut off for two days due to hard winds, resulting in ridiculously many people on the slopes.
The slopes were partly unevenly prepared and sloppy. Was really busy in the afternoon.
Very "gubbgäng ".

Marianne Berglund
Marianne Berglund (Guest)
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Me and my partner traveled with Nortlander to Ischgl between Christmas and New Year. We have previously performed in Switzerland, Italy and France so it was our first visit to Austria. Christmas 2015 was quite snowy even at home but we were lucky with the choice of place because there was plenty of snow, although some were artificial in Ischgl, so it was of good quality. However, there were many icy parties at the end of the day in some slopes but overall it was very good considering December's been. It was snowing at the New Year's Eve. We had top weather, blue sky and sun. Hardly any wind at all in a whole week, better weather is probably not possible.
The backs were good and gave a good challenge for knees and thighs, especially pace 38. But it was quite quick to get through the whole area so you should not stress and think you do not get along with everyone, regardless of whether you reach the slopes at lunchtime each day. Very fresh toilets everywhere, even with escalators and fountains. Not a single toilet smelled strange somewhere. Nice surroundings and we also took a trip to the tax-free area in Samnaum. You need to take a bus to the neighboring village to bring the lift up to the Austrian side again. Once up there Panorama is waiting for you to definitely have a hot chocolate outdoors at. Incredible beautiful!

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First of all: I go for a pair of old twintips, like carvingsvänga in beautiful blue / red backs, love some nice offpiste but not hardcore enough to walk with my skis to a high peak, like putting some nice tricks in medium jump and does not scare the challenge with blackbacks.

Based on this I think Ischgl was very amazing! Firstly, there are many backs and, above all, all levels of difficulty. If you want a chariot you want a challenge, there are a lot of black slopes to settle for. If you as a beginner are looking for good, easy backs, there are a whole lot of them as well.
I read at Freeride about anyone who liked the untouched snow outside the piste, but unfortunately I have to say that I did not find particularly untouched snow. But the one I found was crazy, and the best thing is as I see it is easy to get to the good offpiste.
The lifts are super-modern - even the slow lift is a connectable, and very common with 8-chair lifts. The modern system means that there is not much queue except in the central areas where everyone is hanging out, but there is also waiting time for about 3 minutes - which can be regarded as extremely short.
Ischgl also has a park, Europe's best according to themselves, in which there are a few beautiful jumps, boxes and corners as a relative beginner in the area I can enjoy (put for example a 360 at the end of the week: d )

The last days, ahead Friday-Saturday, the slopes were very unevenly pisted. There were edges between the pistachio beaches, and the snow was messy on their places. It may have been wholly or pre-pupils, because throughout the week before the slopes were finely prepared.
More negative, I can not say, maybe just that there are a lot of beginners who do not look over the shoulder or go well.

Finally - Ischgl is a cannon ski resort that I highly recommend for those who want a lot of each!

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Va in Ischgl / Samnaun week7 2010. Helgrym ski system that can not be compared to Sälen!

+ The backs of Ischg / Samnaun are extremely well prepared and there is a lot of easy-to-reach off-piste.

+ The lift system is very good and the German week's dead week was no lift queue.

+ You can find skiing in all categories.

- It's quite difficult to get to the slopes. We stayed in Pfuns about 30 min from Samnaun. The buses were crowded on their way there and the first went at 8.45 which is too late. one was not in the back until 9.45

"The Germans could get a bit brutal sometimes.

The lift card was expensive but it included several systems such as Nauders and Italy. The lift system was crazy so it's worth the money ...

RECOMMEND IT VERY STRONGLY! But live close to the hill to get rid of buses and sweaty Germans.

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We were in Ischgl v2 2010 and were extremely positively surprised. It had not snowed really before we got there o during the week, it just came 10cm new snow, yet we went easily, good off-piste for 8 days! There are very open, nice areas between the slopes that do not seem to be raised at all ... I have previously been in Val Thorens, Val das, Badgastein and those resorts so Ischgl is a heightened if you do not want to waste expensive money on rental guide. Do not get out of control at all.
Around pistil 40 is on both sides cruel off-piste that stays fine even when the sun fights a while.
Most seem to be there to party and go skiing. There are definitely good after-ski places o nice nightclubs even if we did not fully utilize that offer.
From Ischgl there are ski buses to nearby Kappl, See o Galtur oxå. We drove one day at Kappl, oh there we found another wonderful off-piste o smaller people than in Ischgl. It's only going up to the top (good fall height, about 1500m) o then go down the shadow side, keep skiers left, so there's plenty of off-piste along the slopes.
I will probably go back to Ischgl!

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Ischgl is a perfect place if you want to go a lot of skis, get away from places where Swedes are overpriced and if you like high pace all day!

I've been in Ischgl three times and it's my favorite place, what so ever! I have lived a little everywhere in the village and now last we stayed behind Fire and Ice, in the middle of the village! How greeted anyway!

The reason for a few Swedes is to get a travel company going there. It's really just STS that still goes there? Lion ended last year. In addition, Ischgl is privately owned. Everyone in the village owns a part of the system, so that's why it's so expensive. One is looking for an audience with a little more money, but there are plenty of families with children too. Especially Russian, Swiss, Dutch and English are well-traveled. Every ski resort owner has the same price, as soon as someone raises or drops, everyone else makes the same.

Höllenkar is drawn in the morning, several slopes untouched until half past ten there. Down Switzerland, you do not have to get too late when you just get to a lot of cockpit.

The Bäcta lunch is available at Alp Bella. Terrific good grilled chickens.
Otherwise you can try the great restuarant that is on top when coming from Samnaun, good Pasta carbonara!

And if you think it's expensive, you can always live in an apartment instead of a hotel, we always do that. There will be a lot of pasta but you can live with that. Pulling down prices quite quite anyway.

Trofana Alm has the best aftershine. For a further party at night, I prefer kuhstall!

Do not miss this place for james name! A sunny day in Ischgl is speechless!
Stanton is an hour away, go there one day if you want. But whatever you do, do not miss this place!

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