Val Thorens

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Val Thorens belong to Les 3 Vallées.

Lifts (4/30)
Slopes (9/86)
Snow depth
3230 m
2300 m
76 cm
61 cm
High up on a mountain at 7500 feet above sea level, you can find the village that is constantly at the top of humorous lists such as "ugliest in the Alps". But be careful not to judge this place too fast - Val Thorens was built with one specific thing in mind - ski tourism, and it turned out to be very good. The fact that Val Thorens lives up to the reputation as being the Ibiza of the Alps is only a plus. The party starts in the slopes right after lunch and ends at Malaysia, the largest nightclub in the Alps, when others are just about to dig into their breakfast in the morning.
Val Thorens, together with Courchevel, Meribel and Menuires, make up the super giant system called "Three Valleys", which proudly extends over close to 370 miles of slopes, spread out over four valleys. In other words, it is possible to find something suitable for all tastes and preferences, whether you are a fan of tricks, racing or like to take your time. Val Thorens only has one undeniable disadvantage - except the ornamental trees in the snow square, there are no trees, and if you experience whiteout it will become quite a nuisance.

Snow forecast

  • Sunday

    73.7 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    3 m/s
  • Monday

    21.2 cm snow
    Lätt snöfall
    1 m/s
  • Tuesday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    1 m/s
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Best Off-Piste:
The classic Cime de Caron at the top of the telelpherique de Caron. There are many variations here, including getting a guide to take you into the Fourth Valley for the experts.

Best Black Run:
My favourite black run is the Plan de L’Eau (to the right of the summit of the Boismint chair, 900m of gradient steepness.)

Best Red Run:
The Glacier and Lac Blanc run over the Glacier du Peclet and are challenging, steep in places and fast. Finish on the Stade run back into Val Thornes for the piece de la resistance. The Col de L’Audzin down from Cime de Caron is authentic back country skiing.

Best Blue/Green:
Moraine or Genepy from the top of Moraine lift back down into town is a good long leg-stretcher. Otherwise take the two Trois Vallees chairs out to Col de la Chambre and shoot down through the valley on Pluviometre.

By: Eric Berthon 3 time world mogul champion and ex-French team coach

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Christian (Guest)
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Good logistics without long lift queues.
Snow proof with the height of the village.
A little rough road the last mile up to the village.
Plenty of space for skiing outside the slopes.

Gustav (Guest)
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Great skiing in a drowning big system!

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The resort itself (type of village) is quite cozy, but it is not always easy to get along longer areas. Especially because the whole village is on the mountain, which creates lactic acid in the legs if you want a beer on afterskin quickly and not planned where you landed from the back after the last ride was good enough.
The ride is good-bye. With that said, like all other major resorts, so many people go there (NO shit), which means that if you want that man's man in the team, you're best done out in good time in the morning. It goes without saying that it is also powdered after a huge dump.
To Val Thorens, Orelle is a little bit smaller and a little half-awkward to get to, but it is highly recommended if you want a bit of pudding, just next to the hill.
What is important to think about in Val Thorens and Orelle is that it is very rocky, beware of the skis and the body so nothing breaks apart.
The difficulty of the slopes is very mixed and I would say with the hand of the heart that there are backs on the whole spectrum, from the very first cautious ride (or totally deadly super fast without any control at all), to Göran and Maria's 100 times o Alps with a day trip on horseback riding .... everyone can get a challenge simply.
Have been there 2 times over New Year and both times it was quite bad with snow, and twice during week 9 where it was great with snow.
Food in the hill is quite expensive 150-200kr isch for a lunch without a drink. However, there are x number of minimarkets around the village with a range like any Ica / system company.

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My first alpesa was to Val Thorens and since then I have visited the resort another 3 times, so a total of four weeks. Can not help but give 5 stars. The resort is located at very high altitude, which results in snow safety. What I love with the resort is above all ski in-ski out which makes it incredibly smooth. There are slopes for all and lots of terrain so the offpiste possibilities are endless. If you are a friends friend and are looking forward to partying, Val Thorens is also a fantastic place. What I like is that nightlife is generally in the same street, which allows you to jump around at various bars without going / taking a bus. Recommends Val Thorens STRONG

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V 11 (11-18 / 3 2017)
* My first trip to the French Alps (been a lot in Italy and Austria though)
* Seems myself as a good skier.
* Probably one of the worst winters (snowmobile) according to various reports
* Had lift passes for the 3 valleys
* I'm closer to 40 so nightlife is not a priority
* We had 6 days of glorious sun, but loosnö was not even thinking about it.

+ Ski-in, ski-out. Almost from the whole village. Here you have really succeeded
+ Large area, but the finest and best variation of the ride was found at the far end of the systems.
+ Effective lifts, even though there were some people in the piste, the queues were quite short (but longer than Italy, for example)
+ The 6 km pulse pad really gave a fat big smile all the way
+ Prices (food / drink) were still a bit lower than I thought. 6-7 E for a big beer. Most lunch restaurants had food for 13 Euro and up.
+ Best single yoke I think was at "Mont Vallon "
+ The coolest picnic spot on "Creux Noir "
+ The airport used in "Tomorrow never Dies " was a bit fun to see (located in Courchevel)

"No, that you market as a (relatively) car-free city became just ridiculous. Most other villages I have been in have had less traffic than this
"Despite the low / mid-season, it was quite crowded in the still narrow slopes of Val de T
- Slushen, but at the same time it's all you can count on v11. But it was good slush at 2300 m already in the morning.
- Opening hours on certain lifts. To get over from Val T to Meribel, you either had to wait 10 minutes for the lift to open or come a little later and quit. This was the most important thing if you wanted to be first off the back, but after a while, the gender decreased.
Very British pubs around the village. No valuation in it and there are options for anyone who wants to. The afternoons we ate in a few different places with mixed results to say. The only place where the whole company was satisfied was "Johns Scandinavian", but there was a main course 300 as well.

A badly good system, but without the opportunity of off-piste, it became a bit the same though. Prefer a little more varied slopes with a little longer fall height. Can definitely imagine going back but not the next few years.

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Big system and snow proof. Good for the whole family. Nippy when it snows because protective forests are missing on the Val Thorens side.
Avoid week 6 when the French have sports leave. Then there are a lot of people in the system.
The village is not the most cozy in the Alps, but it takes place. Some new houses that are really nice. Sherpa is by far a cozy hotel with very good food. The trip from Turin takes four hours. There are long hours when you land in the middle of the night. We went with Alp trips which proved to be a miss. Flight times with arrival until midnight. In this way, you effectively destroy two weekends.

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I would probably not return to Val Thorens after spending a week there last year (2014).

The weather was amazing, if you like the sun better than sneezing.
We obtained the lift pass that gave access to all 3 Vallees, but seriously speaking, you can not take advantage of the 6-day lift ticket if you do not want to travel 3 hours a day.

On the other hand, I recommend Val Thorens if it's the party you're looking for!

+ Nightlife
+ Afterski
+ Ski in / out everywhere
+ Observation
+ The height of the village

-Long queues
-Piling Britter in black slopes
-Long transport distances
-Poor Offpiste
-Swind backlunch
-Breaky pistachio near Val Thorens

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Like playing on a lottery. Can be a win but equally a nitlott. The lack of forest makes days of bad weather or flatlight wasted. For a weekly trip, any other place lower down in the system is preferable. Meribell with villages in 2 levels is the lower nicer. At finter days, you can easily take the lifts up to Val Thorens if you wish. Conversely, if you live in Val, it's easy to stay down if the weather turns over and the lifts back up close. The skiing is good in Val but too weather-dependent in my opinion
To me it's incredible that this place has such popularity among Swedes and Scandinavians

BigOlle (Guest)
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Val Thorens is Europe's highest ski resort, but it is true
is at an altitude of 2300 meters and not as Mullret writes above at 3000m .....

Very well planned lifts and not many queues.

No trailer lifts! Just cabins, eggs and seat lifts.

Long season, where went snowboarding 26.04. once and it was full winter,

it takes an hour to drive up with the car from the valley, obs without queue on asphalt, with snow can it take
half a day.....

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