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210 cm Valfrejus
130 cm Elm
130 cm Crans Montana
110 cm Avoriaz
100 cm Gstaad
90 cm Anzere
70 cm Evoléne
60 cm Engelberg
60 cm Zermatt

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30 cm Engelberg
20 cm Flims Laax
20 cm Gstaad
5 cm Leysin

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Carocero (Guest) has reviewed La Clusaz
10/10/2017 (Modified: 10/10/2017)
Home ski resorts of the biggest freeride champions as Candide Thovex, Seb Michaud and Loic Collomb Patton! A nice place for eating, chilling.... party! Brand new ski lifts also...Unmissable!

Jelmer Ten Hoeve
Jelmer Ten Hoeve (Guest) has reviewed Adelboden-Lenk
+ modern lifts
+ very good sloops
+ high level skieing

not to extreeme offpiste, some nice long rides, with some hiking.

- expensive 60 euro one day
- no apreski (eabi at the slope, only with a mushtash and 50+) in adelB the Alpenrose

Artesina it's a great place for skiing, you cannot imagine to find this big snow so near to the mediterranean sea (if you are lucky you can see the sea from the top). The mountains are not so high but during a normal season you can ski (freeriding) from 2092mt to 826mt with the lifts from december until march. But you can ski from 2092mt to 1300mt from december until april sometimes until may.
They have great slopes and they are part of the Mondolè Ski ski-area (more than 130km of slopes) with other two resorts: Prato Nevoso and Frabosa Soprana. The connections between the resorts are always "skis on" and the cost for the daily ticket it's around 25/32 euros, according to the period.
Artesina is a cool place for freeriding, there are lot of "open spaces" where you can have speed lines but also great woods. You have the possibility to start from the top, with open spaces and great rocks drop, than going down you can find pine forest and than beech forest. It's great because you have the possibility to ski in lots of different scenarios. Most of the freeride itineraries are easly accesible with the lifts, but if you want more, by walking for 20 minutes or more you can find great lines and couloirs.
Every year there is also a freeride festival the Artesina Freeride Fest, stage of Freeride World Qualfier championship with atlethes from all over the world.
For all the winter there is also the possibility of heliskiing with local alpine guides.

Mountain Bjelasnica is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated South-West, only 25 km from Sarajevo. Nearby is a Mount named Igman on which most of the Alpine and Nordic disciplines and jumps of the XIV Olympic Games were held. Winter, from November to May, forms snow drifts of a couple of meters in height which are a particular challenge for winter sports lovers. This season is particularly interesting because of the landscape of the mountain under snow, which is somewhat like a white desert covered with rays of sunshine, above which there is nothing but the areal landscape.

The beauty of the mountain is augmented by the temper of its climate. It is the result of the geographical position of Bjelasnica within the Dinaric Mountains, its geological structure and altitude. The highest part of the Dinaric Mountains, 300 meters in length, towards the Adriatic Sea, represents a border of impact of two climates - Mediterranean and Continental. Air mass from the sea interferes with the air mass from mountains on Bjelasnica. That kind of interference results in rain and snow precipitation in autumn and great amounts of snow in the winter which is retains until late in the spring. This kind of climate specificity is suitable for developing winter sports.

A weather station was built on the highest part (2067 meters of altitude) in 1894. which is the highest constant inhabited point in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The peak itself was named after the Observatory. The mountain was named after the whiteness of its stones and snows which reside on its peaks up to August. An extraordinary mutability of weather characterizes the mountain so it is possible to experience three seasons in one day.

Winters are extremely sharp and long, spring weather is expected only after the first half of May and short summer weather is often followed by waves of cold air. The mean annual temperature is only 0.7°C because of the extremely low winter temperatures. The highest temperature is 24°C and the lowest is -41°C. Thick green grass covers the mountain in the summer while winters attract 4 meters of snow. Strong winds and thunders characterize the climate of this magnificent Bosnian mountain beauty.

Raff (Guest) has reviewed Kittelfjäll
An awesome little skiing resort with loads of offpiste around and affordable heliskiing.
The so called pistes are mostly ungroomed because they run through little canyons. Accommodation is mostly wooden houses which are really comfy and the bars are nice as well. The lift pass is well affordable and snow conditions range from great to epic.
Even though it looks quite small there is lots to explore!!

Vijay (Guest) has reviewed La Parva
27/11/2012 (Modified: 11/10/2017)
La Parva absolutely sucks. I mean how can they pretend to be a freeride meca?? if the only thing they do is building developing and haven't open a lift or new area in years. I have seen mr Medina doing a lot of press oriented to the States and american athletes. Locals don't think it that way.anyways hope they can refurbish a little bit their resort and use a little bit the money they get from the richest families in Chile. Theres no gondola, theres no fast quads, theres some good terrain, their ski patrol sucks, its where the richest kids ski.

Zdeněk H.
Zdeněk H. (Guest) has reviewed Livigno
Hey guys, so i stayed in Livigno with 3 more people for 6 days, it was at the beginnig of march 2010.
The weather is always nice at this time of year so we had a decent week. Slopes are awesome, they propably are not the widest i have ever seen but because of the open terrain they simply seem like the widest highways in whole Alps.
When you hear anyone talkin about Livigno, they always talk about tax-free zone, nice terrain and slopes, awesome freestyle park and slopes on mottolino and carosello side and should be it, but its not cause you have got some really nice people there and simply awesome and endless posibilities of freeride but since last year its illegal to be off piste without guide so if you want to give it a shot you have to pay for a guide of simply try your luck and not be caught.
So at the end i would say that Livigno is totally worth for getting your asses there but i would also recommed you to do it as soon as you can because every single year Livigno seems like more and more crowded and expensive (but still much better that most ski area in Alps)

So classic review:
Pros - basically the widest slopes i have ever seen, good snow conditions, great nightlife, tax-free zone, its just one village with limited beds options so slopes are not crowdy

Cons - getting there is harsh, especially during weekends so if you can avoid weekends do it!, its tax-free but i have been there several times and prices are getting up every year, freeride has been put under control - its illegal now - since dec 2010, the only was you can go off-piste its with a guide

grade 8,5/10

Peter MacKenzie
Peter MacKenzie (Guest) has reviewed Hoch-Ybrig
Small, but definitely beautiful...

Have had some great days here, and definitely recommend if you are in the area mid-week and outside the school holidays.

There are two hot-spots for freeriding, which are unfortunately on opposite sides of the mountain, and thus take at least 30-40 mins to get between:
- the Laucherenstoeckli T-bar has some great tree skiing, some really interesting undulations in the terrain for airing off and has an uncanny ability to hold lots of soft, fresh snow if the wind is blowing, being a big bowl shape facing North-East, away from the prevailing wind. Terrain is steep enough to be absolutely great crack, and though the run is short-ish, there are lots of variations along its width, including a couple of really cool chutes off to the skiers right when descending from the top of the T-bar. Runs on the front face end with about 500m of flat-ish piste which bring you back to the T-bar; otherwise, there is a good run off the back, but it's definitely worth knowing where you're going and especially where to cut back in as otherwise you might end up with a fair old hike back... I spent a whole Tuesday here in mid-March, skiing endless fresh-tracks in waist-deep powder with literally no more than 7 other riders on the face all day, most of whom I got chatting to and one of whom I ended up skiing all day with.
- the Weglosen-Seebli + Sternen access the other interesting area, which is the obvious face underneath the Grosse Sternen - this offers good, solid vertical on another interesting, undulating face with consistent steepness and a few drop-offs to interest the air-orientated skier, and can feel properly wild in the right conditions. I would speculate that this is a much more frequented area of the hill, was certainly much more tracked out and doesn't seem to hold the snow in the same way, but has much more of a big-mountain feel to it so it's definitely worth a few cracks at to see what you reckon. I should add that this is definitely very much avalanche terrain, so be careful and assess the risk yourself - if in doubt, head back over to that spectacular T-bar and work on your powder turns in the trees and on your own...

The resort functions, as a lot of smaller resorts do in the Alps, primarily as a holiday resort for families and a weekend resort for locals and those from nearby cities (in this case Zurich). As such, I would imagine that even during the holidays, the demand for freeride lines would be low, and during the week the place is just blissfully empty. And by that, I mean a carpark made for 200+ cars with literally only 8 cars parked there...

Best time to go is when it's bucketing it down with snow to low altitudes, i.e. when places like Engelberg and the other high resorts are just not worth bothering with. I've had a very good few days here over 3 different seasons, and each time have been amazed at what was on offer. The only reason I'm giving this "OK" rather than "awesome" is that it is still a small/cheap resort, rather than one of the big guns - but if it's snowing when you arrive at the carpark in Hoch-Ybrig Laucheren (the preferred starting point for the T-bar), I reckon you'll not be disappointed.

Chester Tartsnatcher
Chester Tartsnatcher (Guest) has reviewed Silverton
Silverton is the best powder turn per dollar in the USA.

It's different, really different in that during the height of the season, it's guided only at 130 US$ per day. You're required to carry an avalanche tranceiver, shovel and probe (available for rent there) and typically ski in groups of 8, unless you pay for a private guide. Then there's heli drops for around $150 US a pop.

You ski where the guide says and while that rankles some people, the guides will take you to the best snow on the mountain. But the best part of this is that you don't have to get tweaked out about the local hard chargers shredding up all the pow. You can relax and take in the experience like no where else. It's high altitude where the snow stays soft and even in the absence of recent snowfall, the wind resets bring in beautiful soft snow. But they do average around 400 inches of snowfall a year and all but the due South exposure of the mountain is skiable. The lift is around 1900 vertical feet, starting at 10,400 feet and ending at 12,300 feet, but one can ask to join groups that will hike an additional 900 vertical feet to access runs with around 1000 meters of vertical.

Another crazy attribute is the town where you can still get dinner with a drink for less than $15US. And a decent room for less than $60US a night. So even though the lift ticket is expensive, when you average the cost over all factors of skiing, drinking, eating and sleeping, Silverton is one of the least expensive destination ski areas in the USA.

The area is open for regular skiing Thursday through Sunday. With Telluride 2 hours away, Crested Butte or Taos 3.5 hours away or Aspen 5 hours away, there's some really choice options for a week long trip.

Lately, the best time to go seems to be either February or late March.
The terrain r00lz, the snow r00lz and the people r00l.
Try it.

Alex Reed
Alex Reed (Guest) has reviewed Montecampione
Great resort for short breaks, just 50 mins from bergamo airport.
During the week the resort is very quiet, weekends is full of Italian day trippers.
Great value.
There main description web site is
WE booked a hotel ourselves and then took directions from web site.