La Plagne

Ski resorts in France
La Plagne belong to Paradiski.

Lifts (60/75)
Slopes (98/135)
Snow depth
3250 m
1250 m
360 cm
220 cm

Snow forecast

  • Saturday

    38.4 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    1 m/s
  • Sunday

    31 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    1 m/s
  • Monday

    30.9 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    1 m/s
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Took a walk past La Plagne in winter. The snow did not give us such good conditions, but we saw that the mountains had huge potential for really cool skiing. It was extremely hilly and broken, making the terrain one of the most creative i seen in the Alps. 4 dm loose snow over the mountains there would be incredibly fun. The top La Grande Rochette was a couloirer bead and saw clear roche de Mio's voyage that seemed very interesting - in better conditions. The highest mountain of Bellacote was respectful.

The village gave enormous associations to Stalinovsky architecture, a bizarre historical monument of a building style one never hopes to come back again. Nice fun to have seen!

18/11/2003 (Modified: 18/12/2010)
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Comprises a whole bunch of villages. From Montchavin at one end to MontAlbert in others.
La Plagne means "flat" and a large part of the system lies on a large flat "hed" with strange holes and hills. What's interesting is that in the middle of this flat there are a lot of steep mountains here. No lifts go up on these, making for a relatively easy-access Offpist with really great terrain, like Grand Forclé; see There are also the big mountains, BelleCote and Roche De Mio which are LARGE and very offpiste.

Nightlife then? Yes, that leaves a lot more to be desired. The villages are usually quite dreary creations with the pain of nice bars and restaurants.

Interestingly, you may also be building La Plagne with Les Arcs this winter. A giant 2-story cabin will be ready for Christmas -03. 400 meters above the ground, across the valley. Together they will be a giant with canoeing.

Summasum La Plagne; Great place for Offpist growers and families with children.

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Rider: Mr Avalanche Photo: Daniel Salomonsson


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