10 Peaks Mount Allen

10 Peaks Mount Allen
10 Peaks Mount Allen
Brand: 10 Peaks
Modelyear: 2019
Manufacturers description
If you are looking for a short and tight glove, Mount Allen is the perfect glove for you. Black carbon leather in the palm gives good durability with neoprene and Aero on top of the hand makes the glove very flexible.
C-Zip Technique
As skiers, we know that it is necessary to take off the glove sometimes, if you are in the lift, in the middle of the slopes, or simply to take a photo using a touch phone. 10 Peaks solves this with its patent-pending solution, C-ZIP.
A zipper runs over the top of the gloves, just behind the knuckles, this allows one to easily slide the hands in and out of the glove without having to take them off completely.
Other benefits are to minimize the risk of losing your gloves, on hot days, C-ZIP is a good one for ventilation.

(Official information from 10 Peaks)

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