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Haglöfs Nengal Parka 2018
475 $
Haglöfs Nengal Parka
A versatile freeskiing parka with a longer fit and progressive design. The Nengal parka is a lined GORE-TEX® 2-layer jacket for skiing in all conditions: it’ll make you look fantastic on and off the mountain.
Haglöfs Nengal Jacket 2018
423 $
Haglöfs Nengal Jacket
This is a modern ski jacket that won’t let you down - no matter what happens on or off the mountain. The Nengal Jacket is a versatile lined GORE-TEX® 2-layer jacket without padding, for skiing in all conditions. Packed with all the features you need ...
Haglöfs Roc Rescue Jacket 2018
845 $
Haglöfs Roc Rescue Jacket
A jacket developed in close collaboration with the Swiss Alpine Rescue Team, able to withstand the hardest and most demanding rescue operations all year around. Based on our popular Roc Hard Jacket - with features and materials adapted to the rescue ...
Haglöfs Spitz Jacket 2018
528 $
Haglöfs Spitz Jacket
Our iconic Spitz jacket is back, upgraded with the latest materials and technologies. Made from 3L GORE-TEX® Pro, it features strategic reinforcement and a well-designed layout.
Haglöfs Khione Jacket Women 2018
423 $
Haglöfs Khione Jacket Women
Another minimalistic garment from our new design generation: built to complement your freeriding, and designed for the enthusiasts.
Haglöfs Couloir Jacket 2018
581 $
Haglöfs Couloir Jacket
This product is now made with GORE-TEX® Soft Shell with flannel backer throughout, durable and comfortable for colder days on the mountain. Ideal for skiing but also suitable for trekking and mountaineering.
Haglöfs Khione Insulated Jacket Women 2018
475 $
Haglöfs Khione Insulated Jacket Women
2L GORE-TEX® insulated jacket, designed for skiing, with a clean urban look. Will keep you warm and dry both on and off the mountain.
Haglöfs Kabi (K2) Jacket Women 2018
423 $
Haglöfs Kabi (K2) Jacket Women
In collaboration with our friend Edurne Pasaban – designed to be the ultimate waterproof shell jacket, made to withstand the challenges of mountaineering. All of the necessary details, in a feminine, flattering design.
Haglöfs Aran (Valley) Jacket Women 2018
180 $
Haglöfs Aran (Valley) Jacket Women
We worked with our friend Edurne Pasaban to make the optimal all-year round insulation piece. Made to manage the challenges of mountaineering.