Peak Performance Heli Alpine Pants

Peak Performance Heli Alpine Pants
Brand: Peak Performance
Modelyear: 2015
Water resistance: 28000 mm
Available colors: Blue ocean, red raven, coal, mosaic blue, hot orange
Price: 475 $
Manufacturers description
Many years of experience of designing innovative and technical ski wear lie behind our classic Heli Alpine Pants. Developed together with the Peak Performance ski team, these are some of our most hard-working, protective ski pants. The 3-layer GoreTex® Pro shell (super durable) maintains your own comfy micro-climate inside, and keeps all the weather on the outside. Add the bonus features like long side zippers for excellent ventilation, large pockets, snow gaiters and an ajustable waist, and you've got some seriously stylish and high-performing pants that you’ll be wearing for many seasons to come.

(Official information from Peak Performance)

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1 reviews
Joe Tucker
Joe Tucker (Guest)
Durability and comfort! Oh, and looks! These look better than any other pants on the slopes.

None, really. They are a 3-layer Goretex, and some people think that can be "loud" when walking around, but I have never noticed that on the slopes or even in the lodge.

Superior pants.

Model year: 2015