Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12

Brand: Fritschi
Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 2014/2015

This is Fritschi’s entry into the world of the tech binding; the DIN 12 Vipec. Distributed by Black Diamond in North America, this is Fritschi’s second year of the Vipec. The Vipec is a touring oriented binding designed primarily for backcountry skiing.

Noteworthy design features differentiating the Vipec versus other tech offerings includes lateral adjustable RV release at the toe in both ski and walk mode; a vertically releasing heelpiece that glides back & forth on a platform; and a modicum of forward pressure so there’s no gap between boot heel and binding heel-piece.

Retail Price: $559.9
Ski crampons: $99.95

The Vipec’s tested weight with 120mm brakes is 545g. Brake widths available are 82mm, 95mm, 108mm and 120mm. Brakes can be removed.
Release value goes from 5 to 12 with RV’s adjustable at toe and heel.
The heel piece floats about 4mm.
Vipec has a true flat tour mode and two climbing bar heights (easily actuated with a pole) of 9 and 13 degrees.
Some elasticity was also designed into the heel piece by allowing the heel piece to glide some 40mm on a spring-equipped track that keeps the heel piece flush to the boot even when the ski is cambered violently on a big hit.

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