Cmd Skis 2018


3 skis

Cmd The Prototype 2018
632 $
Cmd The Prototype
This one have been in the pipelines for a while. The prototype is a perfect combination of lightness and rigidity without having the feel of a two by four. It is a camber ski with a slight early rise in both tip and tail for carving kickers without g...
Cmd The It - Stiff 2018
706 $
Cmd The It - Stiff
The It – Stiff is, as the name ever so subtly suggests, a stiffer version of The It. The Stiff is aimed to satisfy the powerful rider or one that likes their skis super stable yet still playful. This ski makes you even more confident. The poplar and ...
Cmd The It 2018
664 $
Cmd The It
The It is as flexy as ever. This ski is suitable for a lighter skier or the type with flow and swervy style complimented with technical finesse. The poplar and beech wood core is a perfect combination of strength, lightness and poppy, playful charact...