Line Skis 2018


24 skis

Line Tigersnake 2018
Line Tigersnake
The Tigersnake is your ticket to getting onto the hill, into the park & all over the mountain. This is the most tech-filled, affordable and lightest all terrain freestyle ski on the market! A Carbon Ollieband™ adds even more pop!
Line Pandora 110 2018
Line Pandora 110
Playful and agile without sacrificing control, the 110 is the perfect ski to transition effortlessly from surfy pow to precise hardpack.
Line Sir Francis Bacon 2018
Line Sir Francis Bacon
Refined, redefined but never failing to deliver a true all mountain freestyle approach in this award-winning ski. Less weight, more stability in a sleek profile. The Bacon goes great with everything.
Line Soulmate 92 2018
Line Soulmate 92
A responsive turn shape paired with a smooth ride makes the Soulmate92 a nice blend of wild child behavior and a refined, graceful personality!
Line Soulmate 86 2018
Line Soulmate 86
A sleek profile without being a wimp, the Soulmate packs power whenneeded and quick edge-to-edge feel for a fun all mountain ride.
Line Sick Day 88 2018
Line Sick Day 88
East, West & everything in between, the all-new Sick Day 88 is the best option for ripping up the frontside. Lightweight materials and an intuitive design pairs the perfect amount of tail release and grip to deliver a truly #MoreFunner downhill e...
Line Blend 2018
Line Blend
The best mix of personalities without the emotional baggage! Backcountry to park and back, the Blend is your all-in-one tool to slay mid winter pow or send ‘er through spring park laps.
Line Sick Day 104 2018
Line Sick Day 104
An all-new upgrade on the award winning design, the 104 is the perfect waist for mixing it up on the frontside and the backside. Lightweight, surfy but stable thanks to the new Magic Finger Carbon Filaments, this ski still has the hold where you need...
Line Sick Day 94 2018
Line Sick Day 94
The 94 is made to float through the soft stuff and rip on the hard pack. It has the right mix of lightweight materials and intuitive geometry for a lively personality with added stability without sacrificing weight achieved by adding the new Magic Fi...
Line Mordecai 2018
Line Mordecai
There’s no better platform for a nimble and playful all over the mountain powder ski. Slash it! Butter it! Smear it! This is your tool for all manners of mountain mayhem.
Line Gizmo 2018
Line Gizmo
Great look, tough construction and matched for Groms looking to progress at the speed of light!
Line Sick Day 114 2018
Line Sick Day 114
From backcountry, slack and hard pack, the all-new Sick day 114 is the perfect powder ski for those looking for a surfy, playful feel and ease of use while planing through deep snow. Magic finger carbon filaments add power whiteout sacrificing weight...
Line Supernatural 92 2018
Line Supernatural 92
The Re-designed 92 is the best medium width ski to handle all those hardpack pucker moments and more! Newly shaped for easier turning and initiation that gives it a little more give on the edge-to-edge without talking back.
Line Honey Badger 2018
Line Honey Badger
The all-new Honey Badger is...well, it don’t give a sh*t. Made to be tough as nails, given a simple design, a bomber bamboo core and an affordable price – this little package has the bite it needs to kick ass in the park, streets and entire mountain....
Line Tom Wallisch Shorty 2018
Line Tom Wallisch Shorty
The next Tom Wallisch has to start somewhere and this ski is the ski for the pro-grom! An approachable & affordable ski for the next King of Afterbang!
Line Pescado 2018
Line Pescado
pes.' A fish that has been caught. This ski is a fish out of water! A directional surfy ski has been in the mind of EP for years. With bamboo sidewalls, Partly Cloudy Core™, a veneer topsheet with a timeless graphic, the Pescado fuses th...
Line Chronic 2018
Line Chronic
Don’t even bother reading this. You should know by now that the Chronic is the original freestyle park ski designed to be bombproof – ready & up for anything you’re ready to throw at it.
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty 2018
Line Sir Francis Bacon Shorty
Just like the adult Bacon, but in fun size! Affordable yet shredable. Everything’s better with bacon! This ski helps ‘em beat mom or dad down the hill with all the geometry of the big guy skis with half the weight.
Line Supernatural 100 2018
Line Supernatural 100
Engineered to fit 200% on-hill enjoyment into 100mm of intuitive turn shape and a stable flex pattern. Cut thru the crud & crowds on the Supernatural 100!
Line Magnum Opus 2018
Line Magnum Opus
Rising above all freestyle powder skis with an award-winning intuitive edge to edge feel, the Magnum is a playful, yet stable ski with Eric Pollard’s stamp of approval. The new Bamboo sidewalls add more durability for flying into battle with any terr...
Line Pandora 95 2018
Line Pandora 95
Award-winning shape and design packed into a women’s specific profilefor fun in all conditions, from fresh powder to on-piste hot laps.
Line Supernatural 86 2018
Line Supernatural 86
All the best qualities of the Supernatural wrapped up in a slimmer width for a more approachable feel on-piste. An awesome option for hard-charging through crud on the frontside.
Line Tom Wallisch Pro 2018
Line Tom Wallisch Pro
This is Tom Wallisch’s ski. It goes anywhere Tom does. On chairlifts. On trails. On rails. Off jumps. On airplanes. On podiums. On quad kinks On wall rides. On car rides. get the point. This is a stable ski for jumping on and off things. A C...
Line Honey Bee 2018
Line Honey Bee
Line´s answer to the need for a women´s specific all-mountain ski. Built on the Honey Badger chassis, this ski is tough as nails in approachable, affordable design.