Faction Candide 3.0 JR

All mountain
Level: Professional
Brand: Faction
Modelyear: 2017
Junior product.

Manufacturers description
For progression all over the mountain, the Candide 3.0 Jr takes gross from the piste to steeps with confidence. Sandwich construction, micro-cap protection and a poplar/ash core provide durability, whilst a 100mm waist, flat camber and rocker in the rip and tail provide float when it gets deep and enough underfoot to start stomping big air.

Weight: 1350 gram
Price: 329 $

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
135 130/100/120 - 12.00
145 130/100/120 1350 14.00
155 130/100/120 - 15.00
(Official information from Faction)

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1 reviews
mom o freerider
mom o freerider (Guest)
Great junior ski for competitive Freeride junior. Especially for the lighter kiddos as more flexible than some other high level junior Freeride skis. Perfect for my expert 70 pounder who's skiing the double blacks and hitting 15 footers. One of few truly rocketed junior Freeride skis which my kid prefers.

Top sheet not super sturdy

Perfect ski for lighter expert free-rider. Suggest mount 2 cm further forward than they recommend after much trial and error if kid wants to spin on them and land big.

Riding style: freeride
Length on the ski: 145 cm
Riders weight: 35 kg
Riders length: 144 cm