Icelantic Saba Pro 107

Icelantic Saba Pro 107
Category: Offpist / Freeride
Level: Advanced
Brand: Icelantic
Modelyear: 2022
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 137/107/127 mm Turning radius: 23.00 m (187 cm)
Sizes: 167,177,187 cm
Manufacturers description
We will come to this season, but a narrower Saba Pro will suit even more skiers with its 107 waist, more built for Swedish conditions and will be smoother than the original with 117 waist!
Saba Pro has been built and designed by Swedish and international team skiers worldwide! Completely unique pro-build, not only a skier's thoughts but all sponsored skiers from Icelantic have provided input on how this freeride ski should be! They have put their creativity and feeling when they come to shape, flex, rocker and design. Saba Pro has the new Reflective Rocker profile!

Reflective Rocker is a rocker profile that reflects the side cut that creates a pair of skis that are both playful and surfy when skiing flat and at the same time allows the skier to lay the entire edge, which gives power to recharge properly and also carve the ski when needed. Saba Pro is designed with a long, gradual rocker profile and a balanced flex, and is stiff enough to minimize "flutter", while the skier has a solid platform to stomp landings with. Optimal powder ski, a powder surfing feeling you have never experienced before!


(Official information from Icelantic)

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