Movement PARIAH

All mountain
Level: Advanced
Brand: Movement
Modelyear: 2013

Manufacturers description
Based on a proven geometry with a longer than average sidecut, the PARIAH is a ski for use outside of the piste markers. The Pariah is specifically designed with free-touring in mind and it will win fans through its reactivity and performance an hard snow and incredible light weight. The PARIAH is equally adapt on steep pitches and in deep powder and will take your to the most committed lines with confidence.

Weight: 1350 gram

Length (cm) Tip/Waist/Tail (mm) Weight (g) Radius (m)
154 126/93/114 1550 23.00
170 126/93/114 1350 21.00
177 126/93/114 1450 22.00
(Official information from Movement)

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