Scott Superguide 88 W's

Scott Superguide 88 W's
Scott Superguide 88 W's
Category: Ski touring
Level: Medium
Brand: Scott
Modelyear: 2022
Women product.
Measure (Tip/Waist/Tail): 121/84/106 mm Turning radius: 16.00 m Weight: 1200 gram (160 cm)
Sizes: 144,152,160,168 cm
Manufacturers description
SCOTT Superguide 88 W's is a flexible and easy-to-handle top touring ski for girls. The waist of 88 mm makes strokes and passages at an angle become like a child's play. With Scott Superguide 88 W´s, you can easily get to those rides you never thought you would ride. The construction with carbon fiber and kevlar gives you, despite the weight, a ski that gives you full enjoyment downhill. Weight: 1200g @ 160cm.

(Official information from Scott)

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