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K2 Simple Pleasures 2018
K2 Simple Pleasures
Clean lines. Laid out euro-carves. Effortless powder turns. Methods.The brand new Simple Pleasures utilizes traditional camber between the inserts and K2’s volume-shift concept to offer a fresh take on snowboarding by delivering a lively and mane...
K2 Cool Bean 2018
K2 Cool Bean
The board that led K2’s volume shift charge, the Cool Bean is back again this season with its classic shape and characteristic feel. Its wide nose and tapered swallowtail produce maximum float in deep snow, and its extra width nearly eliminates toe ...
K2 Party Platter 2018
K2 Party Platter
The Party Platter has quickly garnered a reputation for being a favorite in the K2 Snow line. Perhaps the quickest turning, easiest-to-maneuver board in the volume shift line, riders will love its surfy/slashy playfulness, tight tree and steep pow l...
K2 Bottle Rocket 2018
K2 Bottle Rocket
The freestyle inspired Bottle Rocket is the only true twin in K2’s volume shift line. Designed to stimulate creativity and expand the realm of possibility in park riding, the slightly wider and shorter than average Bottle Rocket spins, presses, and ...
K2 Raygun 2018
K2 Raygun
When TransWorld Snowboarding’s discerning testers award your snowboard the prestigious Good Wood award three times, you know you’re doing it right. The Raygun’s tested and approved construction creates a lively feel and loads of pop, and the medium ...
K2 Split Bean 2018
K2 Split Bean
Smooth style, surfy fluidity, and the easiest kick-turn ever combine on the Split Bean to create a unique backcountry access experience. Its wide nose and swallowtail deliver all-time powder snow float and maneuverability, and volume-shift length at...
K2 Outline 2018
K2 Outline
Leanne is one of the world’s best, and she needs a board she can ride in any condition on any day. The Outline answers the call and is an all-terrain precision performer packed with our best tech and designed for progressive riding mountain-wide. C...
K2 Eighty Seven 2018
K2 Eighty Seven
The award-winning Eighty Seven is the versatile, directional all-terrain board in the volume-shift series. Traditional camber in the mid section of the board ensures the liveliness and responsiveness and every snowboarder craves, and the tapered tai...
K2 Ultra Split 2018
K2 Ultra Split
Designed with a premium on weight and effortless turning performance, the Ultra Split is flat between and rockered outside of the inserts for smooth pow float, easy trail breaking capability, and buttery edge transitions. The Ultra Split features K2...
K2 Subculture 2018
K2 Subculture
With a fine-tuned directional shape, smooth flex pattern, and tons of pop, the Subculture is K2’s tribute to classic all-mountain snowboarding. Designed to be ridden through steep trees, wide open alpine bowls, or laps through the park, the predicta...
K2 Turbo Dream 2018
K2 Turbo Dream
Ultra smooth edge-to-edge transitions and freeride playfulness are the story behind the design of the K2 Turbodream. Slight rocker in the tip and tail produce a catch free ride in all snow conditions, and the flat camber profile between the binders ...
K2 WWW 2018
With a fine-tuned directional shape, smooth flex pattern, and tons of pop, the Subculture is K2’s tribute to classic all-mountain snowboarding. Designed to be ridden through steep trees, wide open alpine bowls, or laps through the park, the predicta...
K2 Joydriver 2018
K2 Joydriver
With the handling of a Ferrari and the soul of a VW, the classically shaped and powerful directional Joy Driver delivers exactly what you want from your snowboard when you want it. Traditional camber and setback stance combine with K2’s Bambooyah co...
K2 Vandal 2018
K2 Vandal
Infused with even more caffeine and sugar, this years Vandal is loaded with Freestyle Baseline for energy and pop that encourages progression and fun for those pint-sized youth.
K2 Standard 2018
K2 Standard
We set the performance bar high on our base model board, the Standard. Capable of ripping carves and hitting the park, or riding from the top of the mountain and cruising with your family and friends, the Standard’s feel is responsive and easy-to-tu...
K2 Joydriver Split 2018
K2 Joydriver Split
The precision focused Joy Driver Split is built to escape the lift lines and powder frenzy of the resort. Responsive camber between the fine tunable inserts creates an aggressive and confident ride for charging steep couloirs and wide open alpine bo...
K2 Happy Hour 2018
K2 Happy Hour
Freestyle snowboarding in its most raw form, the redesigned Happy Hour takes it back to the roots of snowboard culture. Twin shaped and traditionally cambered for the reliable feel every snowboarder knows and loves, the Happy Hour has maximum respon...
K2 WildHeart 2018
K2 WildHeart
Freeride nirvana is now more attainable that ever with the K2 Wildheart. Shorter and wider than a standard snowboard, our volume-shift concept is on full display on this surfy, directional freeride all-mountain powder finesser and groomer carver. T...
K2 Bright Lite 2018
K2 Bright Lite
The quick and lively Bright Lite features a twin tip shape for making symmetrical regular and switch turns and park riding, and a setback stance for powering through deeper snow and making medium to high speed pencil-thin carves of all sizes on groom...
K2 Lime Lite 2018
K2 Lime Lite
With women’s freestyle riding progressing faster than ever before, we’ve designed the true twin Lime Lite for bigger spins and landings, smoother presses, and cleaner takeoffs and approaches. Stable at higher speeds yet loose and playful for jib ses...
K2 First Lite 2018
K2 First Lite
The First Lite is an easy-turning and catch-free board that’s perfect for matching your developing skills on the mountain. Its twin shape feels the same riding left or right foot forward, and its full wood core delivers the responsiveness you need f...
K2 Fastplant 2018
K2 Fastplant
A year after year favorite of our team riders, the twin shaped Fastplant is much more than just a park board. Flat between the inserts and with a slightly rockered twin tip and tail, the Fastplant not only presses and spins with ease, but also float...
K2 Northern Lite 2018
K2 Northern Lite
The Northern Lite’s lightweight construction and unique camber profile is designed to make the backcountry more accessible than ever. The flat section between the inserts and rockered tips and tails produce amazing turn initiation and near effortles...
K2 Kandi 2018
K2 Kandi
Kandi, every girls best friend will once again prove its tastefulness. Lightweight and playful, the Kandi will get the young girls out and ripping in no time. With Hybritech lightweight ease and Easy flexing Biax glass, turning and learning never tas...