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RG (Guest)
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We tested three plants

Big wood
A top class facility with piste slopes. The seatlift located against Kirovsk was the most luxurious thing I have tried

Most lonely shooting. When we were there it was quite bad with snow. Amazing fun to see an older ski resort. Test this at least a few yards. The facility is next to Bigwood so you can switch between the facilities

25 km: aren
Kanonbra facility. Brantare slopes and gall lifts.

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Winter 09/10 A week of totally crazy snowmobiles. Dumped basically every day. Riding on large areas and beautifully broken buildings.

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Since there is no review covering the area, I will write a little. There are 3 different systems located more or less in the city of Kirovsk.
Large system: 570 fall height meters in the Enstolle lift. The other lifts are hardly worth mentioning even if they are 4-6 st others. Plus x-number that is not running. The slopes are so prepared with a slight slope on the boundary of the flat here and there. Slopes a bit more at the bottom and the right skiers right. But if you walk along the cam from the descent from the one-star there is a whole hillside where there is a fist with attractive yokes. But they are made easier, that is to say. shorter footing from the new system. From the descent of the enchair you go to the rear straight into the ravine and to the new system then you take the lifts up there and ride the hill on the big slope to the big system.

New system: 540 fall height meter. Best pisteed slopes. However, it's too flat to make someone go. The "new system" is 2 button lifts that have no lifting capacity. The offpiste is around the ravine as I mentioned before. However, there is a small park here that may be worth a while.

The system whose name is "25 km": 470'fall height meter. Brantaste system. Pistachio slopes you can forget about. Moreover, the fact that they open the upper lift are not safe. Without the bad ride. When we were there they also cut off a piece of the builders so you could only go for a ride. The system is steep and everything on the front is good and it's easy to get back to the lift. The slopes are puckles if it has not snowed for a while. The different back sides are good. The whole slope towards the small district contains a few completely goa gutters of class. Here you can get back to the system with a little will and maybe a little sweat.
The backside straight back is and a lot of worth yesterday. More big pots than gutters so to speak. At the bottom you get a little bit up to a major road and you should have someone pushing you back. Clearly, the ride is best here and it's too bad that they do not always open the upper lift as I understood it. It was only open part of the days when I was there.

Kirovsk is a city of 40,000 inhabitants and is very alpine city in comparison to Swedish measurements, despite the small mountains. Most of the rides are above the tree line so forget about forest skiing. It may be wind-packed snow in mid winter. I was there last week in March and then it was spring skating when it was at its best.
Read more at, Skiing to Russia also a lot of pictures!

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Have just returned from a week trip through Kolahalvøn. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to test the ski system in Kirovsk one of the days and have only positive things to say! The village is nice and has relatively high standard with other villages nearby. However, there are few who speak English, because it may be a problem to get out without contacts. Personally, I went with a Norwegian-speaking Russian guide. We were completely lonely throughout the system because they did not open the lifts anymore. A little bit of snow, but big surfaces and very beautiful mountains! Planning a return visit in Easter before experiencing the mountains in midnight sun (returning with review then) ... Kirovsk is a weather-loving place and it is blowing often but there are large amounts of snow army which also lasts very long ... conclusion .. Åk to Kirovsk if you have the strength!

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After many visits to the Kolahal River and Apatity, I finally got an opportunity to also try the slopes in Kirovsk. May 12 and only one lift left open was no perfect start - the bar spots were almost as big as the snow fields this early spring. But up in the system I immediately realized the grandeur. There is unlimited driving here, and there is no congestion outside the piste. 9 lifts and two valleys make the surface big and because most of it is calf mountain, you can go wherever you dare. The area reminds a lot about the Riksgränsen, but the prices here are just a fraction. The Russians are incredibly friendly and it is nice to see these towns so close but still so different.

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