Mic’d Up Episode 1 | Kristofer Turdell & Max Palm

1st episode of Peak Performance & FWT Mic´d Up, season #2.

It is filmed during the two first stops of the season with a mic on Kristofer Turdell in Spain and Max Palm in Andorra. The concept is the same as last year; we put a microphone on one of our team riders at each stop of the FWT and film it. This is a unique way to come close to the skiers and to get an insider’s view on what´s happening around a FWT competition.

Balance is a big part of being a skier on the Freeride World Tour. Of course while actually skiing, but also keeping the balance between media activations, competition preparations and finding your sunscreen while scoping lines in the sun. We Mic’d up the reigning world champion, Kristofer Turdell during the first event of the Freeride World Tour in Baqueira Beret, Spain, to see the preparations behind Kristofers performance.
“The first stop in Baqueria was great. The comp was happening just after lunch time on a Saturday and a huge crowd was present to watch the event. While skiing one could hear the fans cheering. That was an amazing experience, so motivating for all the riders.” says Kristofer Turdell.

With back to back events in the Pyrenees, the Mic was handed over to junior world champion, Max Palm during the second stop in Ordino-Arcális. Max won the first stop of the tour as an event wildcard, and therefore received an invitation to continue for the rest of the season. The planning of a run is done in to every last detail, but, until you’re actually on the face - you won’t know 100% on what to expect. From winning to gaining knowledge and experience, we follow the beginning of Max’s Freeride World Tour journey.
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