Terms and Conditions – Freeride Video Awards

Here is the schedule for the Freeride Video Awards 2018
Part 1: Upload your contribution week 3-5 and vote week 3 – 6
Part 2: Upload your contribution week 6-8 and vote week 6 – 9
Part 3: Upload your contribution week 9-11 and vote week 9-12
Final: Week 13-14 when the jury carefully chooses the winners!

During the subqualification, voting is open alla the three weeks you can upload, and then another week after the ability to upload has closed.

Terms & Conditions Freeride Video Awards (FVA)

  • Freeride reserves the right to change the rules and it is your own responsibility to keep you informed of them.
  • The movie should include ski, telemark or snowboarding and be between 1-5 minutes long.
  • The winners are appointed by Freeride members and through a jury. Detected cheating, attempts to delete current voices will result in warning and/or disconnected membership from Freeride.
  • The contestant guarantees that no participant in the film may claim compensation from Freeride.
  • The contestants ensure that the contribution includes movies, photos, music and graphics that can be viewed free of charge on the Freeride website and its social media (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram etc) and in the promotion of the Freeride Video Awards.
  • Spam, scam and irrelevant materials are not allowed, or materials whose purpose is to drive Freeride traffic.
  • The film should contain the FVA-intro at the beginning.
  • Any winnings tax will be paid by the winner.
  • There are 4 contributions from each subcategory that will go to the final, 2 from each category. The jury appoints 2 of the contributions that go ahead, one from each category. Freeride readers designate 2 contributions, one by each category, by voting via Freeride.com, Freerides Facebook page or Freerides YouTube channel. All votes are counted together.
  • The jury is appointed by Freeride and presented during the race, in addition to the famous skiers / ski profiles that are included, the Freerides editorial team is also included.
  • In the Final, the jury decides who wins in each category.

Terms of the Red Bull video production contract in FVA 2018

  • The prize is a video production contract worth up to 18 700 USD, in total budget (150 000 SEK).
  • The total budget shall include fees for filmmakers and other costs of production (travel, accommodation, equipment rental, etc.).
  • The participating athlete (s), creative idea, location and date of production as well as the final production budget are determined in consultation between Red Bull, the category winner and the participating athlete.
  • Red Bull reserves the right to use the material exclusively without limitation in time, place or medium, together with clear indication of producer / photographer.
  • Copyright is the copyright of the author. Red Bull is not entitled to sell the product to third parties without the consent of the author.
  • Age limit 18 years (or parent’s approval).
  • The production is billed Red Bull from a valid company or billing service like Frilans Finans (Red Bull does not stand for any kind of employment).
  • Full terms appear from the agreement entered between Red Bull and any winner.