Bliz Altitude

Brand: Bliz
When safety comes first. Altitude is an innovative and technically advanced glacier frame for use in very strong sunlight. It will take you to new places and higher grounds. Altitude is made of High Impact PC and comes with unbreakable X-PC lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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Make the sunnyest of spring winter days a perfect experience, even for your eyes.
Fairly gorgeous.

Quality substandard.
Emms very easily again.

The hipsterpryl to the mountains of recent years, retro glacier goggles covered with leather details have got a not completely thought out modern counterpart here.

Bought the glasses at Lundhagsoutlet in Järpen on the way to a castle weekend in Skäckerfjällen for top tours. The weather forecast had completely exploded by coming days of the sun, and with the purchase I wanted to prevent further evenings with tearing red eyes after too long days with high UV exposure.

The very dark glass in combination with plastic parts that prevent light entering around the nose and temples well fulfills its function. A dark room is created for the eye, which still allows you to clearly see contrasts during bright spring days. My specimen, however, quickly dropped one of its plastic covers that may be put back often and so far not lost. Another of the plastic covers is also loose. When rising in warm weather that causes sweat while the glasses are still sounding ... And when the clouds pull in, they quickly lose their function and need replacing with more light-transmissive, contrasting glasses or goggles.

The glasses are best suited to blue-bird days sedentary in sun-pits. The design makes most other skiers consider you a misplaced mountaineer from himalaya, but some can live with it!