Oakley Canopy

Brand: Oakley
Modelyear: 2018

Manufacturers description
Oversize your field of view without compimising fit.

Best suited in the following weather:
Partly cloudy

Available colors: Matte Black, MAtte White, Iron Sapphire, Iron Laser, Obsessive Lines Org Blue, Digi Snake Laser Blue, Hazard Bar Slate Ice, Factory Pilot Blackout/Whiteout, Aksel Lund Signature Skygger Black Orange, Tanner Hall Signature Turntable Green, Prizm Halo 2018, Army Camo Collection
Available lense: Prizm Rose, Prizm Torch Iridium, Prizm Jade Iridium, Prizm Sapphire Iridium, Prizm Hi Pink, Prizm Black Iridium
Price: 129 - 199 $

(Official information from Oakley)

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Illuminated visibility both horizontally and vertically. Looks nice on your face!

A little big

Canon googles!

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inch size
-The wide field of view

-Lens sensitivity to water on the inside
- Somewhat inconvenient to get the lens in place when replacing lens
-The price

Bought a pair of lenses Four Iridium and HI Yellow after looking for a googles big enough to fit my face. These are like a schmeck and you get a really wide field of view which is always good. My eyes, however, always begin to drain quite easily, so you'll get the airflow coming in so that it's going to start tearing. And i like boarding always bend me down at the bottom of the slope to tighten the tie and then it will be easy to tear drop into the lens. I did not really mind it, but after a weekend when I cleaned the lenses on the inside from the spots that had become after the tears, they did not go away. It's as if they were burned in. It's on one of the patches that accompanies the googles that you do not have to pill if you get water inside the lenses but let them wipe off themselves so obviously they are very sensitive to this. Just think I've got this phenomenon on the HI Yello Glasses but they are the one that I drove by far the most with so far (in lack of bluebird days).

Model year: 2014