Vallon Freebirds

Vallon Freebirds
Vallon Freebirds
Brand: Vallon
Modelyear: 2022
Manufacturers description
This year's edition of VALLON Freebirds retains the same classic style but has been upgraded with a unique mirror lens developed together with Carl Zeiss. The spherical construction provides a wide field of view and the double lens contains an inner Anti-fog lens from Italian Mazzucchelli. Three-layer foam, flow vents and silicone on the inside of the strap increase comfort and make them always fit properly. Freebird's size and design make them fit perfectly with most helmets.

Freebirds come in two different colors, and in addition to the mirror lens, you can also buy the lenses Smoke and Orange, which come with ZEISS 'revolutionary Sonar technology to increase contrasts and make it easier to see in low light.

(Official information from Vallon)

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