Sweet Protection Trooper Fullface

Sweet Protection Trooper Fullface
Brand: Sweet Protection

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TQ (Guest)
Super light weight, fits very well. After a day wearing this you will realize those who designed this one really know how to design a helmet for best comfort.

Your view is exelent althoug it is a fullface helmet.

The ventilation is also exelent, you will not swet in this helmet even on hot days when you are skiing in the spring.

Besides from being a skiier I am also a paraglider and a speedrider so I own many kind of helmets and have tried many more, but this is the one I am most satisfyed with of all the helmets I have tried and bought.

I have used the helmet a lot but I cant see any weeknesses so far.

Maybe the adjustment for the backead can give an impression it is not of the best quality matching the rest of the helmet, but I think there is very few ppl that will feel the same or agree with me about that. Maybe it is not right of me to mention it at all.

The design when it comes to colors are limited but covers the most popular ones -yellow, black and white, but I wish it came in red.

This is a helmet you will be satisfyed with.
It fists very well.
Super light veight.
Cool design.

One thing you should be aware of when choosing size, when you choose a helmet with the size you normally wear you might experience that this helmet can be a bit thight to put on because of the design of the face protection but once you got your head inside it fits very well.

Because of this I first thought I should maybe go up one size but I am glad I did not.
If you install communication equipment in this the mic might be in the way when you put it on because of this, but this can of course be adjusted in how you mount the mic.

The design of the stuffing inside the helmet around your ears gives exelent rom headphones -music/communication

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Very light, carbon fiber does not matter much. In addition, the field of view is almost unchanged, when you have goggles on you, you will not see the notch protection.
It sits well on the head without the tendency to fall off.

A little dissatisfied with the fit. Just that the helmet is so high in the neck makes the slightly harder pads (must sit there) in the neck put a lot of pressure a bit on the head. This is done by not having goggles all too tight and trying to maximize the pads in the neck as much as possible laterally.
In addition, the vent hole on the chin protects nothing more than cosmetics, no vent function at all, as it recovers at a glance.
Like all other helmets with screen, the screen breaks at first faceplant, so also mine.

Has been driven with integral before, though with a Scotthelm and extra-bought hedge trimmer. Must say that Fullfacen is better on the head, despite various fits in the beginning. The fact that it is extremely easy is not a minus.
For those who want the best full help on the market, Sweet Trooper Fullface is a candidate!

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Sitting like a smack (only single helmet I tested that was actually really good).

Difficult to get in the right size (L / XL, M / L is incredibly small). You have to snap up and lift it when you're going to jerk / drink / spit, but that's all the fullface.

Likes it sharply. My kittens also cuddled and can not say anything but it seems phenomenal so far. Only the screw to the visor was unloaded, but it probably depends that I did not screw it before and was easily remedied.

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Low weight, good visibility, good ventilation, adjustable fit, washable liner.

People think you're from another planet ...

Surprisingly smooth and easy compared to full-size pots from other brands! Significantly less externally speaking.
Do not notice much difference in weight on this and my usual Trooper, there is no deterioration of the field of vision and the hearing is largely unchanged.
For those of you who wonder, the fit is exactly the same as the usual Trooper, but the full-face is a little better at the ears. The helmet is simply a regular trooper + fast-knit jumper in carbon fiber. (No, it's not removable)
In short, this is a calf pot for those who want to protect more than half the skull!