2117 Krama mens eco 3L ski jacket

2117 Krama mens eco 3L ski jacket
Brand: 2117
Modelyear: 2020
(Official information from 2117)

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Soft and compliant fabric

Wide neck
Missing drawstring at waist

Feels really good that this is made with ECO in the tank.
Using recycled polyester in the shell and merino wool on the inside is a good choice for me.
The function of the jacket itself is perfectly ok with the consistency of the fabric which I think you should highlight.
Then, in my opinion, there is a drawstring in the waist to be able to adjust depending on how much reinforcement garments you wear. Especially when the fit is quite wide.
Then the neck opening is quite large even with the small zipper closed.
Can use drawstring in the hood to get it one would be good to get a drawstring in the neck.
The ventilation and permeability works perfectly ok. Nothing to lift to the skies or complain about either.
In summary, it is a perfectly ok jacket for most activities.

Model year: 2020