22Designs Hammerhead

Brand: 22Designs
Modelyear: 2007

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seems to hold. Nothing has been done so far (run on it about 30-40 days).
Stunningly stable. Adjustable pivot points (do not actually know what it's called in Swedish.)
Super long spring that makes you not struggling with everything as hard.

Turning mode does not work great. If you tighten your springs hard, the little extra detail does not help turning the heel. instead loosens the pivot point gadget. To either position one or remove it completely. A little meck, but not super hard, one learns.
When you tighten your feathers hard it can be difficult to put on the tie without a little hassle, but you learn and there is nothing I'm thinking about now.

Superior binding when it comes to quality and stability. Guess anyone who wants to think that Rattefella does not hold the way to buy this. I punched my rat trap 6 times in a month and a half before I bought this. Class distinctions. But not for those who go for a week a year maybe. Then it would be very good with another bond I would think. The first time you run on this one gets a little surprised by the sickness (depends of course on the attitude you have), but after a yard or two, you're in it.
As I said, cruel bonding. Would think it's the best one can come across as Telis rider. If you are good and feel that nothing else is strong or sustainable enough, then BUY THIS BINDING.

Note! This text has been translated by Google Translate.
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For this season it has become black in color and it makes this link look ok.
HammerHead is light (about 300-400 g lighter than most other tellis bonds), but at the same time very stable and solid.
The heel lift works very well. It can be flipped up and down with the help of the rod very quickly and easily.
There are 5 settings for how active one wants the link. I use positions 1 and 2 upwards and 3 or 4 (mostly 4) when I drive down. Adjusting this has been better than the model from last year. Now it's okay.

Well, no special, but it lacks triggering mechanism (unfortunately common for telemark connections).
NOTE: has 6 screws and must have a separate adapter for those with K2 or other skis with preloaded holes.

Lightweight, reliable, precise and capable of transferring a lot of power to skiing. You feel that you have good control and with multiple adjustments to find how active you want the link. I usually drive in position 4 while a good friend is driving only in position 1 (front of the front). In loose snow I sometimes drive in position 3 to ease the pressure forward on the skies on the bent foot.
Highly recommended. The only thing that might be better is NTN, but until they are on the market, this is certainly one of the best bindings on the market. A clear femmer!