Black Diamond Pitbull 2

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Colin (Guest)
I used to have a set of pitbulls and really liked them. They were a simple, responsive design. I know a lot of people bag these bindings, saying they have no feel, but perhaps that's a reflection of the skier's ability rather than the pitbulls. I used them a lot for telemark resort skiing and always enjoyed them.

These bindings were pretty tough, but if a cable breaks, that's it, unless you've got a spare. I still have these bindings, but can't find spare cables so am reluctant to use them.

Don't rubbish these old bindings unless, like me, you have really used them.

Erik Edler
Erik Edler (Guest)
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The brother has the same, I myself have a couple of rattefella carve and I have to say that his bonds suck bale compared to mine.
No trigger you say, the skis are not stuck even. They lock at the smallest lap and in among the tougher rides.
They are a damn fipple to turn on and off at tx gondola lifts. In addition, it is not possible to mount a height raiser if you are going for a walk, but the connection is easy at least.

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Has been bound for two years now, ie my entire telecarrier. Tried the G3 and thought it was a bit more stable. Otherwise satisfied. At least in the piste, where I have hired so far.

Tips may be to have an extra set of all loose parts, the former owner of my had of the wire offpist in Whistler ...

Model year: 1998
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Have driven Pitbull II for 4-5 years. Uncertain on year model.

Pitbull has got a lot of bark, but has a good ride feeling. Especially in the pistachio slopes. In loose nose, the backside may tend to push down the tip as the wire buckles as the foot bends forward, and the ski gets stuck in the snow. This can cause trouble in dense forests when the skis are to be trampled backwards from the roots you found somewhere during the snow.

The trunk of the back can be loosened by turning the foot in case of fall. A little annoying to stand with the butt in the weather and stumble around in the razor after parts while the friends take a round to the snow ....

Probably good at jibbing when the ski follows the angle of the skier, so the skier knows where he has the skis. Remember, the ski does not clear if you land across the road.

Summary: Easy to drive, especially in the back, but it is not "allround" and loose parts do not belong in snow.

Model year: 1998
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Good bond to go with, you're a little more jibb oriented, recomend Styhøy (triggering ...) clever binding where the spring pressed together while bending your foot gives good stability while you can bend quite far forward if you want. Compared to chilli, pitbull feels more safe and easier to drive on. I think. Do you have fat skis, it may be a good idea to build on extra plates below. the price is a big plus. I bought my for 800. I have heard that they have stopped producing them.

Model year: 2000