Dynafit Beast 16

Dynafit Beast 16
Brand: Dynafit
Modelyear: 2016
Weight: 950 gram
(Official information from Dynafit)

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+ high Dina
+ cheap (sportconrad has -78% for almost two years now)
+ quality
+ safe (turning both front and back)

- heavy
- toe piece is bulky and twists too easily. Set to hassle at entry. Especially in loose snow.
- impractical design. Difficult to shift between low and low.
- bending to get out of the way when there is often some snow under mechanism.
- must screw your ski boots to attach power inserts.

Would not recommend this. It is old-fashioned and just tedious. There are better simpler models nowadays. Look for Tech bindings that have good release 'button' such as ft 2 or the like.

Surprisingly, how long does the glacier stand, even when one learns to wear the plastic?

For me it was the price that attracted. But afterwards I would rather buy something that I am more satisfied with. My other tech bindings make this feel full-bodied. And then I only go with the DIN on 10-11.

Understand that many buy them here as a cheap alternative to a pair of Japanese skis or the like but honestly. If you need these 16 DIN yes then I think that you have enough interest in skis that you can invest a few extra crowns and buy something better.

14/04/2017 (Modified: 15/02/2018)
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