Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus

Brand: Fritschi
Modelyear: 2007

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Gerd (Guest)
Service of Fritschi in Switzerland is excellent! Guarantee of 3 or 4 years instead of 2 years as usual. Repair is being made within very short time.

I experienced two brokedowns in the front part of this binding. First the vertical screw suffered and broke and later on the aluminum plate which is screwed together with the ski had a fracture and broke out. A really good binding for people with a maximum weigth of 75k kg. But definiteley no recommendation for skiers heavier than 80 kg.
Many faulty activation/maloperation: I would never use this binding for skiing a steep couloir.

Excellent for people till 75 kg. Many malfunctions.

Bororo (Guest)
Wery sturdy and firm. Since it defititely does not belong into a lightweight segment, extra grams will not pose a problem. I was using them with Line Prophet 75 which is a light ski and even "light touring freaks" I climbed with were surprised about the total weight. Higher stand results in excellent turning/carving possibilities. Overall excellent on-piste performance and turning control.
For my 80 kgs, DIN 12 was well enough. New design performs well and allows doog, even extreme ski flex.

A little tricky boot mount, mainly on the slopes. Boot toe is not guided well into a binding toe piece.
When carving deep down to the ground, brakes seem to touch the snow. This happens on groomed places olny.

Definitely a good buy. Price is comparable to other similar products.

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Large adjustable lane for different boot sizes
High heels
The DIN scale goes to 12
Works with regular Alpine pants
Easy to get spare parts.

The tie is not bulletproof, but people like it work well. Has happened a couple of times that the tie twisted and reached next to the heel height (hard surface with skis around 100 mm in the waist). Check that no snow / ice is stuck in the heels when switching from walking to apron.

Good turbine with many adjustments for different pants. Do not tolerate anything, heavier riders should think about the technology.

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Affordable, robust, simple, extremely easy-to-use and easily adjusted binding.
Easy to set up and requires nothing from the user. Randonnez on can, buy and jump in and go, you never have to think and the legs are all if you read the manual.
Fritschi seems to have got the sustainability of the plus version.

- The weight, the weight, the WEIGHT !!! A little more than kilot per foot is good enough to drag on, and most of it goes with the movement of the foot which is very tired, especially if it's easy.
- Which stilts, but you are both tall and tall in the elevator queue, and you are comfortable with time.
"The side's ruggedness of the tie is clearly disturbing in a hard pist, but off-pist is nothing to suffer from.

Top tire response on Volvo V70. Heavy, reliable, reliable, energy-intensive and just as boring. But the tie keeps what it promises, it's almost always possible to find a good deal and you never have to worry. An excellent no-nonsense bond that suits almost everyone. Light girls with top ambitions, however, should think carefully and rather look for Dynafit bindings that weigh half

Anders Cederholm
Anders Cederholm (Guest)
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I have used Diamir bonds for almost 15 years.
This model's strengths are stability and quality.
Previous models were not as rigid in the design.

What you are looking for is weight and a low one.
Diamir weighs some but you can not get everything.
The price is somewhat high.

People who are looking for a rugged tour-bond and who do not compromise on performance as a punching tie.