Marker Duke PT 12

Marker Duke PT 12
Brand: Marker
Modelyear: 2021
Weight: 1150 gram
Manufacturers description
DIN 4-12

(Official information from Marker)

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Feels stable and safe performing just like any other alpine binding.
Turns well enough.
Easy to change between downhill and walking mode.

The removable toe part needs a good punch to take the road if you choose to pick it off.
The heel raiser sits very hard in its lowered position so good to snap it off when locking the brakes.

Stable and safe hybrid binding that works exactly as I had hoped. Turns well enough for smaller day trips and feels stable enough to burn around in the lift system with the whole days.
Picking off and storing the toe part adds an extra moment when switching between riding and walking position, but the toe part is small enough to be stored in a pocket on trousers or a jacket.
The brakes lock very securely and it is easy to access if snow builds up under the plate.
The heel raiser sits very hard in its lowered position so you have to press firmly to snap it off with the rod if you do not release it while locking the brake.

Perfect binding if you have a pair of skis that you both want to ride the lift cage and sometimes ride with!

Model year: 2021