Marker Kingpin 10

Brand: Marker
Modelyear: 2018

Manufacturers description
Weight: 650 gram

(Official information from Marker)

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Smooth bonding if you use the same ski to top trip and gas around the entire mountain. Easy to get between gauge and ski mode, no risk of collapsing that could be a problem for ramifications. Feels stable to go on and got out of my mind when it's going to be.

The whole hassle feels like it may be a bit unstable and there is a risk that they will be happier in the future. I also had the trouble that the mounting screws in the skirt began to read in the toe part (Maybe they did not absorb any kind that a normal bond does?).
Have had a problem with it again, but it ends up in closed positions but can be opened with the rod, but you have to stop the boot immediately.

Clearly satisfied with the bond but slightly expensive. Works for the most but maybe not a tie for the ghost on the iron even though I tried to do it with my.
I would have bought it again.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson (Guest)
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Stable bond for its weight.

The toe tends to ice cream. Heavier than many comparable bindings.

There are better turbines available for better alpine bindings. Becomes middle milk and hard to find what the bond has for strengths. The fact that the toe part is easy in the turn is also no plus.

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Stable, smooth, easy to use, safe.

Sometimes wakes up during removal (due to icing)

The overall impression is very good, the binding feels very sturdy and filled with quality.

I have used them in all sorts of conditions: hot pist, soft pist, dull pist, hard offpiste and sneeze. I have driven many top trips, both short and full day trips. They have been very smooth on all day trips I brought them on. I have not experienced any problems with ice formation during trips. This problem has been mainly during wet days on the slopes.

A few times they've lost my mind that I drove very hard in a hard piste. Besides, I feel that the trigger function works as it should. I think the tie is optimal for day trips as you probably want something easier if you go for many longer trips.

I have previously used Marker Duke. You notice clear difference in weight and kingpin does not at all have the same icing I experienced with Marker Duke. Even the "halftone" is both safer and easier to take up (using only the stick).

The price is increased but I really think you get what you pay for.

I would buy the kingpin again.