Salomon Quadrax 5

Brand: Salomon

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A joke for anything but pure vacationers. The tie is developed for as Solomon himself expresses the "security before retention". If you then consider it safe for the ski to settle in time and time, it is a matter of urgency. Not for me anyway. Absolutely no commitment to rely on offpiste skiing or at the end of the day when it starts to be pucky in the piste. The only thing that helps is to make sure that they are really used to them. Expect at least your usual DIN +3. This is because they do not have any flex in the trigger at all. It releases immediately without warning. Ridden with them half a season and hit me a few times after thief trials before I switched. Buy instead the S850 or S900 (Salomon). However, the Q5 is an excellent link for children or beginners who want an easy connection.

It's no coincidence that "Quadrax" is a hose expression for a fall caused by the skid jumping ...

Model year: 1996
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Quadrax 5 is one of these binding instinct models that Salomon curled out when we were still unaware of the carving ski's coming revolution (!). That year came all these CAP profile slides, which were a novelty compared to the usual Sandwitch design.

Nothing negative meant with entry models, actually. This bond has made exactly where it was meant to do, neither more nor less. Functioned bluntly for three winter seasons, resolved at the most appropriate time and saved me from damage.

It seems to me that the "performance" of the binding is often overvalued, that everything becomes so much better just because of an expensive binding. Clearly, some bindings are made to affect the ski character of the ski, while some are neutral and allow the ski to behave as it was thought from the beginning at the drawing board. For most, a neutral cheap binding is quite ok, along with a couple of good skis. Rather than a couple of cheap skis with animal bonding. But, of course, a couple of expensive skis and expensive fine bindings often match each other very well, aesthetically. :-)

Model year: 1996