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Francisco (Guest)
You can use it with any kind of skis

You have to carry them back, they are a little heavy

I have a complete randonee equipment and also this Secura Fix ,so i can lend it to anyone who whants to join us.

Model year: 2015
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For your skiers who like to go down (unlike going up to get down, maybe lightweight sticks) with real underfoot, I would like to advise:


The idea of ​​Secura Fix is ​​that you will be able to use this insert in your usual bindings to get a joint in the toe section, thus pulling a pair of hides and knocking upwards. So far all well. But ... the first thing that probably happens to you is that when you grab the strap to tuck on the Secura Fix on your shoe, you're going to pull it off, just take it. The other thing that happens is that you pull off the other strap with the same ease. That it's a little hard to go for a while, for example, with Diamir, of course, what you want is to be able to go down with the same gadgets as if you've taken the chopper up.
Vikingity can unfortunately cause even worse incident. For example, if you go through a rocky party on a comb and climb over a few stones and at the same time get a little lean on the Fix / bind so-plopp - Secura Fixen is turned out of the tie. This can happen even if you have race bets that go to 24DIN! What can happen at that time (and happened to me) is that the body of the Fix that consists of an all round (!) Aluror bent!

Conclusion: Secura Fix is ​​pure shit.

Action: 1. If you are going a lot and a little longer, get a pair of Diamir, unbeatable.
2. Do you want a commitment to your usual - buy Alpine Trekker. I have not tested them myself, with the appearance of judgment they should be significantly better and more durable than Secura Fix.

Model year: 1999