Tyrolia Free flex D 10 +

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works great for my use. driving between 11-13 and bugs almost never. plus for light weight.

for idiot travel: can hardly believe you when you say that a salmon tuned to your9 never fools. run on many salmon and the only ones who score are 900's equipe racing / 916/920. The s810-s914 is not the thing. Try turning the backrest a little closer to the boot. might work better then.

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Got the 2003-2004 model of free flex plus 10 mounted on a couple of skis this summer. Assume that this should be Tyrol's state of the art binding, which scares me a bit. This tie may be good for runners who screw it up to 17 (max) for never losing or for piste cruisers who like red backs.

If you like driving outside the slopes, puck and some drip, that's crazy. Has been about to change it on several occasions.

It feels like the big problem with the binding is that it loosens backwards, TheDanne above writes that it does not, but it does. This bond has something called Race diagonal, which means that it needs a little more power for it to dissolve as opposed to the rest of the tyrolias diagonal bonds.

Weighing 80 kilos and starting to set the bind 9.5, that's what I usually wear on other bindings. Now I've screwed it up to 11 and still have twitch solutions. Do not know if I dare to screw more for the question is what happens if it should sometime be straightened laterally.

If you make a drip and land in the snow, the skis will be guaranteed, the same drip with a pair of salmon stolen at 9 will work fine again and again. Have also had some unexplained triggers in the snow in the woods, where one ski is only unloading, it is always the solution that will solve.

It's also hard to get back into the tie when it's loose in loose snow because the backbone can move laterally.

Generally, in the case of Tyrolia, there seems to be only two sizes of ski jumpers, a bit narrow and giant wide. If you drive a skirt with a waist of 80-90mm, the brakes out properly.

Have the tie attached to a pair of head monster 85, it's a little ironic, is that on the heads website, this connection is justified by that sketch, ha ha

The bindings get a 3rd because it certainly works great for my mom, but if you want to ride in rough terrain it goes away.

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A little hard to write anything about bindings ..
In any case, this one fits the headscarve plate. Easy to mount and no problems with the settings.
Clicking when you put on the toy and not "smuggled" once in two seasons ..
Does not solve the back ---> Good!
However, the insect screw that attaches the middle plate to the tie has a little ability to loosen a little. So you have to be there sometimes and tighten it otherwise it will sound like the whole skid is completely broken when you throw them to the snow ..
However, how much "Free Flex" it is may be discussed maybe ...
Rating: 4.5 a little more quality in the screws sought.

Model year: 2001